The Storm

Is your family prepared for a lengthy period of martial law or civil war without power or water?

During such times, the difference between a helpless family and one that thrives can be a matter of $100 worth of supplies, a bit more if you don’t already own a gun.

These are just some of the bare basics that will dramatically increase your family’s ability to survive.

Note that Voat has a dedicated preparedness community: /v/preppers

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SARS-CoV-2 is a Psyop.

It is a real virus but causes little morbidity and mortality.

Thus, it is benign overall, and less of a concern WW than influenza.

The virus can be problematic but only in those with serious co-morbid disease – almost exclusively the elderly.

Having said this – preventative measures SHOULD be undertaken until POTUS gives the all clear.

Antivirals, such as remdesivir, will be useful in ICU treatment.

The virus was engineered by the Deep State at the University of North Carolina, Fort Detrick and AAHL, Geelong Australia.

It however has been attenuated/neutralised by white hats.

Two of the four HIV inserts have had base pair additions to ameliorate the ‘gain of function’.

China, Iran and Italy are all on side with POTUS.

They have largely manufactured the crisis by controlling the release of Psyop disinformation.

Most deaths will have had intercurrent influenza.

Hence conservative influenza prevention/treatment is important.

China released the virus at the designated time.

The purpose was to create PANIC as cover for operations.

Quarantines will be staggered throughout major cities of the world.

The level of action will be entirely inappropriate for the actual risk posed.

The MSM is hoping the virus is very deadly and will end POTUS politically.

It is not and it will not.

They will ramp up the PANIC because they have no other choice.

They are under the impression the virus is in its original Deep State form.

During these quarantine periods WW there will be silent simultaneous arrests of evil low level Deep State facilitators.

These include MS-13 in United States, Mafiosa in Italy, and Canberra Raiders supporters in Australia.

These nasty individuals will be put in Quarantine Camps run by the WW white hat Military.

We will not hear too much of these arrests – although some have already subtly been announced.

So no dramatic arrests of these nasty individuals.

Silence is strategically the best option.

The WW city quarantines will continue from the staggered individual commencements until they all end on 10th April (Easter Friday).

Superimposed upon this will be 10 days of darkness which will begin on 1st April (morning) and end on 10th April 2020 as well.

Immediately before the start of darkness POTUS will tweet “My fellow Americans … the Storm is upon us ……”

April Fools Day will lessen the initial worries about darkness occurring.

When darkness occurs there will be peak COVID-19 panic and Medical Martial Law WW.

Indeed Quarantine/Medical Martial Law will have been in place in most major cities for some time before 1st April 2020.

Many people will be self-isolating at home.

Most will have already prepped for food etc.

In Australia the unemployed/pensioners will be given $750 on 31st March 2020.

Other countries will have contingencies too.

This means few will starve.

Some emergency shops will be open to provide supplies if needed but generally most shops will be closed.

The 10 Days of Darkness will involve no social media or internet.

There will be electricity but no TV or radio.

No newspapers will print.

The Military of each country will close these down.

POTUS will have the ONLY available method of reaching the public WW throughout the 10 Days of Darkness and that will be through the Emergency Broadcast System.

Each Military WW will transmit this to TV’s and devices in their respective country.

POTUS will be either abroad or on AF1 during the Days of Darkness for optics.

Ostensibly the excuse for the use of AF1 will be safety and/or infection risk.

The EBS will be transmitted from AF1.

There will effectively be a total news blackout except for POTUS.

Professionally made Documentaries will be transmitted on the EBS to TV’s, devices etc WW.

The content will lay out all the horrors/crimes and details of everything Q.

It will however be family friendly.

It will be indisputable.

POTUS will describe how he was asked to run by the US Military to take down the Deep State and that he is not a “Politician”.

He will verify the Q dissemination program.

These Documentaries will include taped confessions of famous Deep State Politicians and elites.

The structure of world control will be outlined.

Evidence of crimes will be presented.

Military Tribunal outcomes will be known.

The presentations will occur for say 8 hours/day for the 10 days straight.

Repeats will occur for the rest of the day so that shift workers/emergency workers will not miss anything.

The EMS will be 24/7.

Families will have nothing else to do but watch.

The most heinous video’s/proofs won’t be for all – and they can be seen by those wishing to do so, on the Internet, after the 10 Days of Darkness.

There will be time to reflect during each day of these 10 Days.

There will be mass shock/disgust and confusion.

Our role as Patriots will be to provide a sense of calm, validation, compassion and reassurance.

Many Patriots previously too scared to talk will be able to do so.

When the 10 Days of Darkness finish on Easter Friday there will be a mass outpouring of spirituality.

On Easter Friday the people will be told the virus is now safe to venture outside and assemble.

Churches, Synagogues and Mosques will be filled.

There will be much grief but also relief.

A small percentage – perhaps 5% will be too progressively deranged and brainwashed to accept the truth.

They will try to riot, as usual.

However they will soon realise ‘The People’ are far more righteously angry, disciplined and potentially violent.

The Deep State will lose control of the streets forever.

The Military will guard TV stations/newspapers to avoid vandalism.

After the blackout the MSM will be completely exposed and will not attempt to counter the narrative.

Those Deep State actors who have not flipped and gone to GITMO will engage in the suicide weekend of 11th and 12th of April 2020.

Recalcitrants will be left to fend for themselves in front of the informed masses.

There may be an economic reset within the 10 Days of Darkness with an ending of the Federal Reserve and institution of a Gold-Standard.

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