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Piece Of Shit Jogger Jadon Hayden Beating On Elderly Whites In Detroit Nursing Home

I Know This Cowardly Jogger Was Arrested Recently, Yet No (((mainstream media))) Coverage. I Guess Shit Like This Does Not Fit the JEW Narrative.

Black People:

Don’t be like this jogger. You have a choice. If you act like this piece of shit, bad things will happen to you. White People will revisit history if this crap happens long enough. Don’t be that jogger.

Fake News Orwellian redpill

(((fake news)))

(((More Deaths))) (((No Benefit)))

Crypto Jews

Over 100 Hollywood and media personalities changed their Jewish names to Gentile names

All Jewish media is anti-white psychological warfare

Fake News redpill

(((Mainstream Media))) = Traitors