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Piece Of Shit Jogger Jadon Hayden Beating On Elderly Whites In Detroit Nursing Home

I Know This Cowardly Jogger Was Arrested Recently, Yet No (((mainstream media))) Coverage. I Guess Shit Like This Does Not Fit the JEW Narrative.

Black People:

Don’t be like this jogger. You have a choice. If you act like this piece of shit, bad things will happen to you. White People will revisit history if this crap happens long enough. Don’t be that jogger.

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One Big Lie

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Welcome To Dystopia: A Backwards World Where Rogue Citizens Have To Post The Cure For The Modern-Day ‘Plague’

(((Big Pharma))) And The (((MSM))) Actively Try To Hide And Lie About The Cure For Coronavirus

Corona Virus CURE:

200mg 3x daily
for 10 days

500mg 1x daily
for 5 days

220mg 2x daily
Zinc sulfate
for 10 days

5000mg 3x daily
Vitamin C
for 10 days


(((mass murderer)))