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Remember The Judge Who Jailed The Texas Woman Who Reopened Her Business? Voat Found His Address And Much More. He Is As crooked As They Come

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First, for people just interested in his home address, he lives at 1645 Nob Hill Road, of the Kessler Subdivision, in Dallas County, Dallas Texas.

His background:

This civil court judge has been in the news many times, none of them for good reasons:

  • He is involved in an unsolved murder case where another jewish lawyer was burned to death in his garage. The jew argued a 2013 ‘family feud’ case, which he became increasingly personally involved in, and later won. The jew later sued the defendants for defamation, and the defendents countersued, claiming “that Tobolowsky was variously illegally colluding with and bribing probate judges”. Moye chose to preside over this case (judges have the power to choose their cases, even if they claim they have systems in place to ‘fairly’ allocate them), and tried to sanction and fine the defendants. They eventually forced him to recuse himself because of suspicions of corruption. This is important because recusal is a voluntary process.
  • Immediately after the death of the jew, Moye became incredibly paranoid, personally requesting security detail at his house (provided by the Dallas County sheriff’s office), confessing to thinking multiple people were following him, and actually pulling a gun on a woman on a local tollway. This isn’t easy to find, but this article is the one that confirms it was him, rather than police, who suggested he be placed under security detail.
  • He is known for actually beating up other judges when they are in chambers. The judge he beat up in this case is suspected to be involved in drug trafficking.

There is more strange here connected with the unsolved murder case, for example: the police are releasing no information whatsoever, even though the family of the jew is trying to pressure them to, and the police even have email information (which usually leads to an IP and a name if a house, or an IP and cameras to a description + picture if public WIFI) that supposedly netted them nothing.

Notes regarding the address search:

  • searching the county tax maps for his name returns nothing. This is common for police officers and other thugs trying to hide.
  • searching the county business registry returns this account, which is zoned commercial, in a commercial officer building, but has ‘personal property’ as the description. There may be something interesting at this address, which is at 1700 Pacific Avenue, Suite 2800, Dallas, Texas 75201.
  • since nothing further was coming up, I suspected he was hiding assets in his wife’s name. His wife is named Susan, and I found nothing under her name.
  • Next, I suspected he would use a shell corporation to hide (this is common for police officers – the heads of BlueBloodBrotherhood did this [but I tracked them down anyway]). I started searching for any C corps or LLCs he owned.
  • One of these, Dispute Mediation Services, which he lists on his bio, and which is still open for business, lost their tax status with the IRSPNG for never filing a tax return since their inception (use this link to search the IRS records).
  • Curiously, none of the organizations on his bio which supposedly lists him as a ‘founding member’ actually list him as a founding member. For example, ‘Vincent and Moye’ is really ‘Vincent and Serafino’, and never lists him anywhere on their team at any time that they ever had a site. This suggests that parts of his bio may be faked.
  • Once I found him, I hard confirmed the address in the property map. Take a peek.PNG This is the first time I’ve ever seen owner information withheld. The numbers appeared to be statutes, so I tossed them in google, and it turns out it is the Address Confidentiality Program. Here is his house’s tax account.

Some fun notes:

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