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Poland YES!!!

Congratulations Poland, Supreme Court Turned Conservative For The First Time Since The Fall Of Communism 30 Years Ago


Transgender Madness

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What Did These Guys Fight For?

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children

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Twitter Changes Terms of Service to Allow Pedophile Content

Will Allow “artistic depictions of nude minors…” IF they are works from “internationally renowned artists…”

These internationally renowned “artists” are pedophiles for all to see. Again a method to “normalize” pedophilia.

There is no normalizing pedophilia. These people need to be hanged.

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Hungary prepares to end legal recognition of trans people

Hungary’s rightwing government looks likely to push through legislation that will end the legal recognition of trans people by defining gender as “biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes” and thus making it impossible for people to legally change their gender.

Trans people and rights activists say the law, which has been introduced into parliament as attention is focused on the coronavirus pandemic, will increase discrimination and intolerance towards trans people. Many will try to leave the country, while those who do not have that chance will face daily humiliations.

“In Hungary, you need to show your ID to rent a bike, buy a bus pass or to pick up a package at the post office. It basically means coming out as trans to complete strangers, all the time. The good version is they are nice about it, but there are situations where people turn quite hostile,” said Ivett Ördög, a 39-year-old trans woman living in Budapest.