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Italy Having Cremation Issues – Casting Doubt On Auschwitz Burning 4400-8000 Per Day

PBS States That Auschwitz Capacity Was:

Eight gas chambers and forty-six ovens that could dispose of some 4,400 corpses per day.

This would amount to 169 bodies per day per oven.

Wikipedia has even more outlandish figures at 8,000 per day:

By June 1943 all four crematoria were operational, but crematorium I was not used after July 1943. This made the total daily capacity 4,416, although by loading three to five corpses at a time, the Sonderkommando were able to burn some 8,000 bodies a day.

Italian Mayor States They Cannot Cremate Bodies Fast Enough:

Washington Post Claims:

In the part of Italy hit hardest by the coronavirus, the crematorium has started operating 24 hours a day. Coffins have filled up two hospital morgues, and then a cemetery morgue, and are now being lined up inside a cemetery church. The local newspaper’s daily obituary section has grown from two or three pages to 10, sometimes listing more than 150 names, in what the top editor likens to “war bulletins.”

Wikipedia puts the city’s population at 122,000

The death toll in the entirety of Italy stands at about 2,500:

If a modern city’s crematorium is running 24 hours a day and cannot dispose of these bodies, how did the Nazis in a single camp burn 4,400-8,000 bodies per day?