Amendment I Amendment II America First

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“You Have No Right NOT to be Vaccinated” – (((Alan Dershowitz)))

Amendment I Amendment II America First

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Important to note – not only did this guy stand up for his rights, but he did say that he would stand up for the cop’s rights too… He doesn’t hate cops – he hates what is being done to the country…

God Bless The Patriots That Are Willing To Stand Up and Risk It All For The United States Of America

God Damn All The Cowardly Tyrants That Do Nothing But Destroy This Great Country – May You ROT IN HELL

Amendment II America First

‘Police will have no entry’: Michigan Militia Vows To Protect Barber Refusing To Close Business

Members of an armed Michigan militia say they will stand at the door of a barbershop in Owosso to protect the owner from being arrested for allegedly violating the state’s lockdown order.

“We are here to make sure he doesn’t get arrested,” Daniel Brewer, a member of the militia, told local media on Saturday. “We’re willing to stand in front of that door and block the entrance so the police will have no entry there today.”

Karl Manke, 77, opened his shop last week in defiance of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order, saying he has “lived under 14 presidents, and this is the worst depression I’ve lived under, and I’m not going to live under it.”

He continued: “I believe it’s my right to work to make my living, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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Rise Up Patriots

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Idaho Patriots Surround Cop’s Home Who Arrested Mother In Front Of Her Children

We The People Are NOT OKAY With This!!!

The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants

Thomas Jefferson

Article at thegatewaypundit:

The Incident

If you choose to be an agent of a government hostile to your own people, you should be aware that you’re now an enemy of your own people.