As a reminder, Carol Baker (get rid of all the whites in the US) is still employed in pediatric medicine.

Think the hospital would like your input on this situation?

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CDC Caught Red-Handed Padding Coronavirus Death Numbers


Busted Red Handed! CDC Caught Padding Death Numbers Into the Historical Records

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So basically, unless you were a total statistical tech geek, there is no way that you could have caught them with such blatant data manipulation. I mean at least the climate warmistas try to cover their tracks with come kind of an excuse.

They never thought that “she” would lose. And they never thought that a citizen scientist would be archiving their data in real time. BOOM.

Between 3-17-2020 and 4-21-2020 they added 31,891 Deaths into the “Record”. They did not reclassify them or something to that effect, they just made them up.

This deserves a congressional investigation.


On April 9th, I downloaded some data files from CDC, and did analysis on them and wrote an article, which is here.

I archived, an uploaded to Box so I could share the actual data with anyone who wanted it.

Here is the Excel (CSV actually, but saved into Excel) from box from that article

Above is the SMOKING GUN

The 5-1-2020 CSV Download, Saved at Excel, I added in the 3-17-20 data side by side from Week 40 to Week 17, so I could do math on the reported numbers. The side by side comparison is in the image directly below, click on it for a larger view.

Only up to March 17th, There has been criminal manipulation of the Data Set,

by Adding in 31,891 Deaths

Deep State

Is This What Forced The Hand Of The Cabal?

In September 2019, Trump signed an EO regarding vaccines. In it we see that, under the Secretary of Defense, it is ordered that the efficacy of vaccines be evaluated. (This is what Robert F. Kennedy has been pushing). Section below:

(ii)   direct, in coordination with the VA, CDC, and other components of HHS, the conduct of epidemiological studies of vaccine effectiveness to improve knowledge of the clinical effect of the currently licensed influenza vaccines;

This evaluation of vaccines under the Secretary of Defense essentially pulls it away from Fauci, who has been the point man on all things vaccines for decades in this Nation.

The timing of this EO followed by the subsequent coronavirus outbreak is interesting. Coincidence?


“Americans should brace for the likelihood that the coronavirus will spread to communities in the United States” – CDC, today.

As outbreaks grow and spread in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, U.S. officials warn Americans to brace for their own.

“We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,”

C.D.C. official

As the CDC continues to spin this man-made virus to a political angle, with China openly lying about the number of infected and dead, it seems likely that the Coronavirus will affect some large cities here in America. Could this be the start of Captain Trips here in the good ol US of A?

More to come…