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Antifa have but one consistent function. It’s to prevent white people organizing against communism.

This was the case in 1930s Germany when Antifa was created and it’s the case in America today.

Antifa was created in 1930 by the Jewish German Communist Party (KPD) in preparation for (((their))) declaration of Holy War against the German Christians and their failed coup of 1933.

The (((KPD))) literally attempted to install themselves as the totalitarian ruling master race and enslave the Christian population of Germany as their peons.

This is why Q keeps posting images of the original Antifaschistische Aktion flag and it’s modern redesign… to encourage you to research what truly happened in Germany between 1930 and 1948.

Q wants you to learn about “Eisenhower’s Holocaust” that happened between 1945 and 1948, after the war ended, which caused the starvation of 10 million Germans civilians and about 1 million Jewish prisoners.

Q wants you to know why those Jews were in prison camps: not because they were innocent darlings, but because millions of (((them))) were working together to kill Germany from within, like a cancer.

Q wants you to learn about how antisemitism laws and the ADL were able to rename “Eisenhower’s Holocaust” to become the “Jewish Holocaust” and move it’s date to before the war was over.

Q wants you to ask “which rock were all the good Jews silently hiding under while an entire generation of Jews lied about what happened and continue to lie?”.

Q wants you to recognize that what happened in Russia in 1917 and Germany in 1933, is history repeating. Take a close look at the two Democrat Impeachment Managers (Nadler, Schiff) and all the people they called to give testimony, including the two Vindman brothers… ALL JEWS. Every. Last. One.

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