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UK’s Hidden Shadows

UK’s Hidden Shadows is a new documentary examining the recent history of allegations of child abuse and cover-ups within the British establishment.

Filmed over the course of a year, the 90-minute documentary features interviews with victims of child abuse, journalists and police whistle-blowers.

Each interview offers a unique insight into the alleged Westminster VIP paedophile ring that has darkened politics for the last five decades. UK’s Hidden Shadows was inspired by Out of Shadows: the brilliant exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Directed by Mike Smith, you can watch Out of Shadows on YouTube here… We are not part of the USA-based Out of Shadows group. We are a London-based group operating independently.

UK’s Hidden Shadows will be free to watch on all platforms. This Vimeo page was set up only for Shaun Attwood’s YouTube viewers who wanted to contribute to the production costs and to view the video before its official release here:…

We hope to follow up this documentary with films about Jimmy Savile and Madeline McCann, which will also be free for everybody to watch.

Thank you for your support!

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From the inventor of Email: “….. 800,000 children missing every year …. it’s time WE THE PEOPLE demand a full investigation into the use of ADRENOCHROME and HOW IT IS MANUFACTURED!”

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Spirit Cooking satanist Marina Abramović featured in new Microsoft Commercial

Update 2020-04-13:

THE video grabbed from YT:

Looks like this video is now set to ‘private’. Good job anons. Keep up the pressure on these satanic demons. They know the end is near for their kind.

Praise God.

Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking:

Just disliked the video. I don’t think it’s coincidence that they uploaded a video promoting this satanic witch on Good Friday, the day our Lord Jesus Christ died for all of humanity.

The thumbs up count was around 407 and the thumbs down count at 2.2K in case they start monkeying with the numbers. Also found it interesting that the comments were turned off for that video.

Pure Evil

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Scientific paper on ADRENOCHROME leads to the Rochester State Hospital, GEORGE Eastman and the start of Planned Parenthood in New York

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I’m currently looking into the history of adrenochrome and it sure is taking me to some interesting places. Like this one:

This scientific paper from 1956 was written by researchers at Rochester State Hospital : Effects of Mescaline, LSD-25, and Adrenochrome on Depth Electrograms in Man, 1956 by BERT E. SCHWARZ, M.D.; CARL W. SEM-JACOBSEN, M.D.; MAGNUS C. PETERSEN, M.D. –

Rochester State Hospital

Treatment of mental diseases at the hospital before the 1920s consisted mainly of keeping patients occupied with work and recreation, and restraining violent patients. Many patients worked on the hospital’s 500-acre farm… In the late 1940s insulin and electroshock treatments were common, and in the 1950s lobotomies were used on some patients. Throughout the hospital’s history the use of drugs became more extensive. The hospital served as a surgical center for many of the other state institutions, as well as for Rochester State Hospital. The Mayo Clinic provided doctors free of charge, and the hospital absorbed the cost of supplies.

A major reconstruction program, begun in 1948, included the construction of two geriatric buildings, a powerhouse, and eleven staff houses.[2] The hospital’s campus continued to change as well. After World War II, there was an influx of geriatric patients. From 100 patients in 1879 the hospital grew to over 1,000 patients by 1900, and there were over 1,700 patients in 1955. With the old Kirkbride building unable to accommodate them, a major construction program began in 1948. By 1964, newer buildings served most of the patients and the Kirkbride structures were torn down. In 1965, the City of Rochester purchased 212 acres of the hospital’s farm land and turned it into Quarry Hill Park…

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follow the white rabbit… if you dare

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