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Congratulations Poland, Supreme Court Turned Conservative For The First Time Since The Fall Of Communism 30 Years Ago

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SpaceX In 3 Days Launches A Crewed Rocket To Dock In Space

Elon Musk Demands NO FAILURE ALLOWED And Pure Meritocracy In Hiring! Pure Meritocracy Resulted In This Company Photo!!

Look At All That White Power!!
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Skittles Temporarily Removing Signature Rainbow Packaging To Celebrate White Pride Month

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Mexican President Calls For INVESTIGATION Into FAST AND FURIOUS Scandal That Has Plagued The obama Administration For Years

Apologists for former President Barack Obama love to claim that his administration was scandal free – a claim that may appear true to someone who didn’t pay attention whatsoever during the Obama administration.

There were numerous scandals under his administration, and the Spygate scandal is still making headlines today as new documents continue exposing new depths to his administration’s corruption.

And that’s not the only scandal we may be learning more of. As The Blaze reports:

Mexico’s president asked the United States for answers and an apology for the Obama-era gun-running operation known as “Fast and Furious.” On Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for an investigation into Operation Fast and Furious to prevent it from happening again.

For anyone who needs their memory refreshed, Fast and Furious was an operation carried out by the ATF between 2009-2011 in which they deliberately sold over 2,000 firearms to illegal straw buyers with the hopes of tracking them to Mexican drug cartel leaders so they could be arrested.

The absurd scheme went about as well as you’d expect from that brief description. In the end, the guns were used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and one American border patrol agent, and no cartel leaders were apprehended.

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Slovakia Bars Islam From Country, Won’t Allow Mosques

Slovakia – along with many other Central and Eastern European countries–has repeatedly adopted a hard-line stance against the integration of Islam, perhaps overshadowed by right-populist countries such as Poland and Hungary.

According to Voice of Europe, Slovakia is the last EU member state without a Mosque within its borders. At the inception of the 2015 Migrant Crisis, Slovakia refused a small quota of 200 Muslim migrants, according to the Telegraph.

In 2016, according to the Independent, Prime Minister Robert Fico said: “I’m sorry, Islam has no place in Slovakia. It is the duty of politicians to talk about these things very clearly and openly. I do not wish there were tens of thousands of Muslims.”

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God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!

….And then came a Plague, a great and powerful Plague, and the World was never to be the same again! But America rose from this death and destruction, always remembering its many lost souls, and the lost souls all over the World, and became greater than ever before!

Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America