A Serious Discussion About 2020 Election Fraud?

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Finally, we can have a discussion about the 2020 election that isn’t about Chinese-Iranian cyber hackers.

Tucker Carlson was one of the only people on the right who was willing to stand up and ask Sidney Powell about her evidence of a “Kraken.” As it turned out, she had no evidence of a Kraken, and she actually seems to have been working for the Democrats to undermine any investigation into the utterly fraudulent 2020 election.

I said from the beginning that the whole “cyber-hacker” thing was a total distraction, and where people needed to be looking was at the mail-in ballots. The mail-in ballots were the new element introduced in 2020 – under the guise of the virus hoax – and that is where you would find the fraud.

Nearly every swing-state shut down their ballot counting at 3 AM, and then after Trump had been winning by a lot, found a bunch of new ballots and said that actually, Biden won.

Remember when they banned Republicans from observing the counts? Remember the windows being boarded up at the vote counting spots?

Tucker Carlson on Thursday interviewed Catherine Engelbrecht, a woman who has been investigating the 2020 fraud, and has found that – surprise – the key element here is the mail-in ballot boxes being stuffed by Democrat operatives.

#TuckerCarlsonTonight#CatherineEngelbrecht says there was rapid abuse of the #dropboxes & the Data they have proves it. #TuckerCarlson pic.twitter.com/tvq3hlrR9k

— Sn00pster 🎙️ (@sn00pdad) May 6, 2022

Tucker was right to back off of the whole thing when it became clear that Donald Trump was going down a kook rabbit hole to nowhere with Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and the MyPillow guy. That said, I think it’s definitely too late to actually do anything about it now.

Maybe there will be less fraud in this year’s election than there was in 2022 because Trump is not on the ballot, and Democrats just don’t really have that much energy. However, the whole abortion thing is going to energize them, so I don’t know.

Regardless of how much fraud there is in the midterms however, these measures of mail-in voting are now here to stay, so any future election can be manipulated as much as the Democrats have the energy to manipulate it. There is zero chance that they will allow for the 2024 presidential election to be won by a populist Republican – or, for that matter, by Donald Trump.

Assuming America hasn’t been nuked into oblivion by 2024, or collapsed into chaos under the weight of hyperinflation, the Democrats will hold the presidency. At least, the Jews will hold the presidency – if they can get some Republican who is as fanatical about war with Russia as the Democrats are on the Republican presidential ticket in 2024, they might go that way.

There is nothing that I resent more than the entire stupid “cyber hacking” narrative about the election. At the time this was all happening, it was confusing, but it’s no longer confusing. Whoever put that narrative forward – and it was mainly from Sidney Powell – did so for the purpose of distracting from the real investigation, which would have involved an audit of the mail-in ballots in contested states.

Powell is getting sued, and is claiming that no reasonable people would have believed her claims.

Of course, people will say whatever when they’re being sued – but is this true?

Were the claims she made unreasonable?

Well, apparently so! She claimed to have all of this evidence, and it never materialized!

Trump was on his own here, waiting for this evidence to materialize, and all that did was allow for him to be held off until January 6. After January 6, the Republicans all had an excuse to back away from him and embrace Joe Biden. To this day, we have a lot of Republicans claiming that Joe Biden really won 81 million votes – more votes than Obama in 2008! More votes than anyone in history – by a lot!

Trump himself got more votes than anyone in history – except for Joe Biden!

According to this theory of “no voter fraud,” Joe Biden was the single most popular person ever in all of human history.

Now, of course, a year and a half later, Joe Biden has something close to the lowest approval rating of anyone in history.

CNN reports that Biden’s approval rating is the lowest of any president at this point in his presidency:

“This is a really, really, really bad number.” pic.twitter.com/MGZkKMlh2L

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 15, 2022

This is not serious.

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