We Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. But We’re Probably Going to Have to, Before It’s All Done.

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I wrote yesterday that we are going to kill all these people.

I did not specify which people, but I quoted a prayer, which says that the earth belongs to God. It has always belonged to God, and it will always belong to God.

We are now facing an evil which has never existed before at this scale. It is a new evil.

My position has been consistent for years now: flee the cities. Flee Babylon.

I think we need to look at Revelations 18.

I don’t think there can be doubt that this is talking about urban America, and I don’t think that there can be any doubt about the commandment to get out.

Whether or not verse 6 is talking about committing violence against the government, I will not speculate, but I do not endorse it.

This would certainly not be the first time God called us to violence in his name. We can look through the entirety of the Old Testament. Approximately 60% of the Psalms feature King David praying for the death of his enemies.

Hopefully, “destroyed by fire in one day” means every city in the country getting nuked, and hopefully that happens very quickly.

We in the hills and villages will raise our arms to the Lord in thankfulness that this nightmare that is our lives is finally over, and that this evil which has sucked our blood has finally gotten what it deserves.

But in the event that it does not happen quickly, those of us who have followed God’s word, and left this Babylon system, need to be prepared to defend ourselves if they come for us.

The devil’s time is short.

And these people will all die. All of these people who have denied the Holy Spirit of God have committed irredeemable sin, and they will die, and they will go to hell.

I don’t know when this will happen and how this will play out.

But you need to be prepared for violence. Real violence, bad violence.

No one wants that. Some of you want it. You shouldn’t want it. There is nothing pretty about gore. It’s not romantic. But unfortunately, the world is fallen, we wayward children of Eve are broken things, and sometimes, violence that we do not want comes for us.

If they come for us, we will kill all of them. We don’t have any choice.

God Wills It.

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