Odysee Has Banned The ‘Black Crimes Matter’ Channel

(from poal.co)

Odysee has banned my Black Crimes Matter channel.

This doesn’t surprise me, Odysee is run by a Jew – Jeremy Kauffman. It was just a matter of time.

Odysee is a controlled opposition platform following the same trajectory as JewTube and BitChute by allowing free speech at first and then implementing censorship as their userbase grows.

It must be very expensive to run a video platform that includes live streaming. Where is their funding coming from?

GabTV is the only viable free speech video platform on the internet. There are a few others, but they will never have a significant userbase.

Telegram is a popular alternative, but they have censored my channel and many others to appease Apple and Google.

Here is an image of the ban e-mail:

I made this meme featuring Jeremy Kauffman and Andrew Torba months ago:

Here’s a short clip of Jeremy Kauffman speaking with James Corbett about censorship on Odysee:


“When we block something on Odysee, we’re not really deleting anything, we’re just not letting it be seen.” – Jeremy Kauffman

My GabTV channel can be found at this link:


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