Milestone: Over 1M adverse event reports in VAERS from the COVID vaccine


On the Dec 24, 2021 release of the VAERS data, we passed an important milestone: over 1M adverse events reported in VAERS.

Oddly, the mainstream media didn’t cover this at all. I just can’t figure out why.

In short, these vaccines have more adverse reactions than all vaccines combined in the 30 year history of VAERS (over 70 vaccines). They are the most deadly vaccines ever created and have likely killed over 150,000 Americans.

But there’s nothing to worry about because the CDC says the vaccines are safe and effective. Have you gotten your booster yet?

One other important point is that the CDC relies on VAERS to make its case when it thinks it is helpful, e.g., “see? the rates in VAERS of myocarditis are only slightly elevated” but then the fact checkers claim VAERS is unreliable when people like me point out, “well, you forgot to use the underreporting factor.”

You can’t have it both ways folks.

Sadly, there is no stopping condition for this clinical trial. The FDA never set one and members of Congress don’t want to talk about it. Mainstream media as well as the medical community don’t mind at all. You’ll never see Eric Topol talking about a stopping condition. You see when a government kills over 150,000 Americans, it’s fine if it has a small chance of saving someone from COVID.

Got it?

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