New Covid Lockdowns Coming – Try Not To Laugh At The Moronic ‘Omicron’ Or ‘Nu’ Strain

And here it is, This WILL be the Darkest Winter. #Omega

Omnicron, a new variant has been declared. Be prepared for the supply chain to completely come apart. China and other nations are already planning country wide protocols. This will affect your family. Get your pantry stocked up, get your preparedness in order, and get planning with your friends and family.

As you’ve noticed over the last two days, the global corporate media psyop spell weavers have puked up another “scariant” called “Nu,” and they are now hyperventilating over it, claiming it has over “30 horrifying mutations” and might spread faster than anything in history.

The underlying message, of course, is that everybody should stop resisting and immediately obey the demands of (corrupt) government.

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