Remembering 9-11: Does this look like a plane to you?

Dancing Israelis were filming before the first plane hit..

Who could have known?! How could we ever find out?! (boo hoo)

Short trade volumes against the airlines was 100x normal volume. They classified it. Sealed the records. FOIA requests now say they ‘destroyed’ the evidence, which would be patently illegal, as classified documents must be retained forever.

United van moving systems and the ‘students’ are ALL CONFIRMED mossad, including demo experts. Chertoff escorted them all out of the country.

Odingo messaging service warned all jewish users not to go to work. Investigation shut down.

Twin towers owner doubled his insurance against terrorist attacks AND missed his first day of work in 14 years on 9/11.. Lucky? LOL.

Pentagon engine does not match reported plane.

Pentagon was able to secure all footage of the attack within minutes, almost as if they knew..

Cheney misdirected the Air Force as he took control of all Air space that morning.. Because they were doing a simulation of terrorist attacks on New York, specifically the twin towers.. Such coincidence..

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