MSM and vaccine industrial complex FURIOUS: World’s highest-paid podcaster, Joe Rogan, catches Covid and beats it with Ivermectin and vitamin drip, no mention of vaccines

(From Natural News)

Stand-up comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, known for his wildly popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, just blew the minds of thousands of vaccine pushers all over the world. How dare someone that popular, and that healthy at 54 years of age, fight Covid and beat it quickly, in just three days, without using or even mentioning vaccines. This is America, where we’re all supposed to trust 100 percent in everything the FDA and CDC proclaim, without ever questioning anything, even spike protein bioweapon injections for the Chinese Flu.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is available on Spotify, but maybe not for long, after embarrassing the vaccine industry

Nothing gets you banned faster (and usually permanently) from popular media platforms, including social media and music in America, than informing people vaccines are useless and ill-advised. Though Joe Rogan is not anti-vaccine nor anti-science, he will surely be labeled as such after beating Covid with ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies and vitamins, then airing a podcast all about it, never even mentioning vaccination at all.

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