(((globalism))) will always fail

Just Imagine…

Just imagine if the culture was reversed. All media owned by the right. Facebook and Twitter censor and deplatform the left.

You can be fired for supporting gay marriage or saying that there are more than two genders. No one can criticize Christians. Any time a black man is mean to a white and it’s recorded on a smartphone, it leads local news.

We control the schools and their curriculums. We receive all the government handouts and goodies. All the jobs, too.

White Europeans are allowed to come here illegally. They’re overwhelming conservative and vote for right wing candidates.

If a Democrat is president, both the media and the deep state spend all their time undermining him. If someone supports that president, he can be assaulted without repercussion.

Christians run gay bakers out of business just for fun. All media is pro white. All villains in entertainment are black, hispanic, muslim, jewish or gay.

Imagine all this… Then imagine waking up everyday ANGRY that you’re oppressed and thinking you’re part of the resistance.

That’s how insane the left is.

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