(((globalism))) will always fail

Payments to Crowdstrike coincided with hits on Seth Rich and his friend. Pelosi just paid Crowdstrike over 500K. Another hit?

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi this past week invested between $500,000 and million dollars in the firm behind the Russia collusion sham, Crowdstrike. 

Crowdstrike was the primary company behind the entire Russia collusion narrative. Crowdstrike had had no information that Russia hacked the DNC and then forwarded hacked emails to WikiLeaks. The lie about that from Crowdstrike was used by the Deep State FBI and Mueller cabal to push forward with the Russia collusion scandal.

Crowdstrike was paid a lot of money from the DNC that coincided in time with the murder of Seth Rich and then again later with a close friend of Seth Rich. Could Crowdstrike be an assassination supplier to the DNC et al?.

Did Nancy just pay for another hit?

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