(((globalism))) will always fail

Bullying is what used to keep faggots, freaks & retards in check. Anti bullying campaigns created the empowered faggots, freaks & retards of antifa

Anti-bullying campaigns, along with a broad array of destructive policies, were the direct result of merging male and female education, and allowing women into leadership positions where they had a say in the education of boys.

Women cannot raise a boy into a man. Only into an effeminate caricature or facsimile of one.

Only men can teach a boy what it means to be a man. Or, failing that, a harsh life full of bitter and painfully earned lessons.

Every single civilization, in all of human history, was built by men. Every time the men forgot how to be men, and allowed their women to inherit and take over what men had built, those civilizations crumbled and turned to dust. Not a single civilization was built or raised out of that dust by women. Not a single civilization survived female emancipation for more than two generations.