(((globalism))) will always fail

BULLET HEAD SHOT!! Video showing BEFORE AND AFTER head shot of Antifa , Kenosha WI 2020-08-25 22:03:48 Central Time

Antifa dying thug first recently threw large bricks at armed guard Patriot White!

a third angle of first scene : showing ARMED antifa mob surrounding white rifleman on all sides :

THREE MORE SOY BOYS SHOT by the same rifle!!!:

arm vaporized:

arm vaporized aftermath vid:

arm vaporized guy SHOWN WITH HIS LOADED ANTIFA gun supplied by George Soros!:

brain mulched:

Antifa thug daring Patriots to shoot :

Antifa head-shot-boy blood seen on his BACK :

Antifa head-shot-boy being loaded into car for hospital :

Oldest video before the shootings : Antifa ENRAGED at armed White Patriots with rifles :

Older video before the shootings : Antifa ignoring pleas of armed White Patriots with rifles :

Older video before the shootings : BLM /Antifa throwing rocks at armed white homeowners with laser sighted rifles!:

Play by play of the three soy boys shot:

A guy in white pants tries to kick the shooter in the face, but he has to abort because the shooter shot right where he would have been had he followed through. Someone comes in from the left side of the frame with a skateboard and is about to hit him with the skateboard when he is shot in mid-swing and his swing falters and he takes a few steps and falls face down, possibly instant fatality. Someone in shorts is charging in from the right when he sees the shooter has a bead on him and he puts up his hands. Then he sees that the shooter is working the bolt, possibly to eject a bad cartridge, and begins to dive at the shooter, who recovers and shoots the attacker, apparently in the face. The guy in shorts runs off back the way he came, yelling "Medic!" Then after that it's hard to tell who is shooting, but there is definitely some sort of crossfire. At the end you see a cop in a firing stance moving towards where the shooting occurred

Kyle Rittonhouse’s fifteen year old looking face in still image:

fifteen year old looking face in moving image saying “I Just Shot Someone” then fleeing :

(yes, the Boogaloo kid brought a turned on cellphone spy tracking device into a riot zone! And made a call! And said “I just shot somebody” upon the call)

Kyle Rittonhouse according to Antifa and Democrat Party operatives with face searching access:

If Kyle Rittonhouse is that young, SCOTUS recent rulings force him to be let go at age 21, no matter what the original sentence.

If Kyle Rittonhouse is that young, it is doubtful his political education and leanings extend past center-right Boogaloo chaos lords.

Boogaloo hate Antifa, and HATE the hard-Left.

If he is that young, he was hoping to shoot someone truly attacking him, and he got 4 that tried to assault him out of 4.

And do not forget, for each of the 4 he shot, They attacked him FIRST.

Maybe Kyle Rittonhouse is not the “Hero We Want, but the Hero We Need”.

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