(((globalism))) will always fail

Shadow Gate – shadow govt puppet masters
Dirty work done by contractors.
Whistleblower contractors spoke with Millie

33 MINUTE MARK, how they incited Ferguson with “Obama free phones”
35 minute mark – fake personas on MySpace
36:40 Mika Brzezinski – disseminated talking points through shadow net
38 minute – Military Industrial complex trying to take out President (Lyndsey Graham and McCain had their hands on the Russian dossier
and trying to use psychological warfare on the President.
40 minute mark – Ukraine the epicenter.
41 minute mark – voting machines
Why there was panic when POTUS make the phone call to Ukraine
44 minute IG Storch was not confirmed by anyone & illegal survelillance of POTUS
46 minute mark “key stone”
48 minute mark – blackmail of politicians
50 minute mark – making it look like Russia wanted to help Trump to win
53 minute mark – Roger Stone & Manafort why they were targeted
55 minute – Trump avoids honeypot trap
57 minute – Trump refused to use influence operations dems were using
58 minute – used IIA operations (shadow banning, censorship, mockingbird media) to try to get Hillary in office
1:00:00 Trump drove Lindsey Graham crazy
1:02:00 Mueller knew Millie’s sources had all the info from DNC server
1:03:00 Why spent 40 Million on waste management in canada? shredding paper to Mueller?
That’s a leaking opportunity
1:05:00 Seth Rich – imaged DNC server and uploaded where he was told to. Many contractors saw what he posted, copied it.
RNC was also hacked by (Brennan) delete and insert info to change it retroactively. Tried to trap President Trump
1:08:00 Crowdstrike
Trump asked for Crowdstrike servers from Ukraine
1:10:00 General Jones created partnership with FB with Atlantic Council and want to restore election integrity worldwide
1:11:20 Cambridge Analytica
1:12:00 George floyd death rioting is IIA fake and fabricated real events with a specific slant – hacking your reality, change the way people see things
1:15:00 how Roger Stone’s jury was picked without any Republicans
The jury pool was plugged into a program to select people that would get a guilty result no matter what.
Question: who was the vendor used to select the people who were called to report to jury duty? says don’t be surprised if name General Hayden would come up.

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