(((globalism))) will always fail

Coal Fax

2020-05-17 update


Working on getting Coalfax back up. Submissions and a couple other things don’t work yet, but we got a JavaScript guy coming in. If it wasn’t effective, (((they))) wouldn’t hate it so much.


note – this .me domain from what I can tell is NOT associated with the folks that put up the original .com and then .ru sites. Either way, I’ll keep updating this post as the show goes on… ~zepto

2020-05-15 update

Looks like the site coalfax.ru has been hacked or diversified in some way?? – seems we are OVER THE TARGET. The site (or a decentralized clone using the blockchain) will likely come back in the near future.

In the meantime, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on any potential wife! Don’t date or marry coal-burning whores!

Even though Coal Fax is not breaking any laws we are under constant attack! Liberals want to end freedom of speech, I will not allow them to win!

Expect a back and forth battle over the next couple of weeks. Precautions are being taken to ensure we are always up and running.

Follow us on Gab to stay up to date with what is happening.


To the social justice warriors and roasties trying to silence us, if you are seething over this wait until the onlyfans version is launched in a few days.

The Coalburner Registry

Don’t Ask Her Out Without The Coal Fax


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