(((globalism))) will always fail

THE PLAN IS REVEALED: The Greatest Magic Trick Of All Time

The Pledge (Defeat the Silent Enemy) ; The Turn (Virus -v- Economy) ; The Prestige (BOOMS)


Please allow me to qualify myself before I present my idea … I am a retired military officer (30 years). The first half my career was a combination of Combat Arms and Service Support. My later half was as a Research Scientist and forecast modeler (dynamic systems models to forecast outcomes based on a basket of possible decisions). There’s more, but totally irrelevant to this conversation.

For weeks I have been analyzing what we as a species are going through at this incredible moment in history. I have been attempting to weigh the behavior dynamics of our current Human Drama. I believe it basically boils down to information and programming. There is what we know for sure, what we think we know but cannot be absolutely certain of, and the many outcomes that could manifest into our reality, based on what we think we know, believe, narratives, and social programming.

I have been trying to fit all of the ‘whoseits’ and ‘whatsits’ into Game Theory, and I am 100% certain most of it has been, but last night I woke up from a dead sleep and had what I can only describe as a ‘moment of clarity’. It feels EXACTLY like what magicians call the 3 Elements to an illusion. The Pledge, The Turn, and finally The Prestige.

The Pledge

“Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”, or for this trick “We Will Defeat the Silent Enemy” (or some derivation thereof). As Anons have figured out, this slogan is a double entendre. For us it’s about the statements from Q, and the Trump team.

The Turn

“Let me tell you all about this hat, Look at the hat, discuss it, analyze it, focus on it, see if you can find my secret about this ‘hat’”. For several weeks we have been fed a non-stop barrage of information and FEAR-PORN about SARS-Vov-2 (Fauxvid19). Every news network, every segment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Right now, it is pretty much the only thing anyone is talking about. It is what the producers of Out Of Shadows brilliantly exposed as mass programming. Message … message … message: Death Rates, New Cases, Social Distancing, CHINA–CHINA–CHINA, Economic Doom and Gloom, Mass Graves (total fuking misinformation by the way), Face Masks, Dismantling of Civil Rights … all of it, and more.

THIS is where we are now … and I believe I know where it’s going.

As we ‘reopen’ the U.S. economy (it was Never closed, just placed on house arrest) we are dividing into TWO, mostly non-partisan factions (The MSM are trying to make it partisan). The Shelter in Place (SnP) crowd, and the Back to Work (B2W) crowd. The SnP people have been guzzling down the bitter beer from the giant Keg of Fear-Porn IPA (Ignorance, Propaganda, and Acceptance). The idea of giving the boogie man another shot at Grandma sends them into orbit. By and large they are good people, but right now, they are scared shitless. I think these are the ones that don’t understand the complexity of how our dynamic economy works. They believe 100% in the trash they are told by the MSM. They question nothing … even when presented with evidence of another possible truth. These are the same people that would go back to the haunted house as kids, every day for a week, and genuinely get piss the pants scared every time. The B2W folks by and large don’t doubt the virus is real, but most know it’s nothing like what the propogandists are feeding the masses. They are the willing to take the risk of catching the virus above financial ruin. They know that the virus is not a deadly as we are being told.

In the weeks to come the rhetoric between these two factions is going to escalate. Once normally rational adults are going to become militant. To the point of violent aggression. But I don’t believe it will hit ‘critical mass’. EVERYONE WILL BE ENGAGED IN THE DEBATE – IT WILL BE PRETTY MUCH THE ONLY THING ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY WILL BE TALKING ABOUT. EVERYONE, AND THEN ….

The Prestige

“BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! the White Rabbit”. I visualize this as something akin one of those western movie saloon brawls, where everyone is smashing tables and chairs, throwing punches and breaking glass. THEN … In walks the town Marshall with a street howitzer and fires off a shot into the ceiling. Everyone stops all at once. You can hear a pin drop … total fixation on the man with shotgun and badge. In reality this is going to have to be something so off the charts shocking and incredible that hundreds of millions of people stop in their tracks, the debate and rhetoric instantly stops, jaws on the floor, no one is talking and no one is moving. The Magician(s) reveal the truth. The White Rabbit will be out of the hat. We can only speculate on what we think those MASSIVE paradigm shifting shotgun blasts might be (but I will not at this time). I believe it will be several shocking (to most people) revelations in very close succession. Each one more shocking than the last. So much so that when the smoke clears, the two angry sides will realize that our animosity was engineered. Our fears and suffering were totally manufactured. Then, all at once, we will converge into one massive angry mob, and will demand that the criminals be brought to justice. “These people will not be able to walk down the street”.