something biblical going on

There is something biblical going on.

And yet it has nothing to do with Johnny Patmos and his Book of Chucklelations’.

On 9/11 a great opportunity of liberation consciousness was offered to our nation – and squandered by our nation.

For a while people stepped back from this consumers’ special olympics on steroids – this obsessive buying and selling of things that we really don’t need, with money we don’t really have, this hopeless entanglement in the material, tacky smeg – stepped back from that 24/7 stupid sound about Tiger Woods, Carrie Underwear, Sarah Palin, Oprah etc. And, perhaps, for a little while, people perceived the existential parameters of the human circumstances, the dynamic uncertainty, the mystery.

In a fiery, cinematic moment the most seemingly secure lives – based on good incomes, secure retirements, fat 401k’s – ended on that day it rained burning people.

But then people resumed the consumers’ special olympics on steroids – this obsessive buying and selling – resumed the mindless 24/7 drone about dysfunctional celebrities, corn-holing aliens, conspiracy theory.

And then capitalism on steroids crashed and burns.

It is as Lenin (not John) prophecized – The capitalists sold the sub-prime mortgage ropes from which they hanged and jerked.

But then our government, as well as ourselves, are revealed as being total, complete bee-otchs of the corporations. The Great Bail-Out occurs. Wall Street and the banks are saved from their grievous delusions. Everyone else becomes eligible for food stamps.

And then the consumers’ special olympics resumes – in a somewhat curtailed way. And the 24/7 stupid sound of the media cycle resumed, in full force.

Now cometh the BP Blow-out.

Again a great opportunity – perhaps the last opportunity for liberation consciousness is offered to us as a civilization – to us as individuals.

It is the time for us as a civilization, for us as individuals to end our consumers’ special olympics, to end our business-as-usual as slaves of consumerism, bee-otches of the corporations.

It is the time for us as a civilization, for us as individuals to make our plan for Exodus from the grid, Exodus from being slaves of Big Oil.

It is the time to seize the means of energy production.

It is the only commonsensical and moral response to these Biblical things.

Suffering/Reborn Gods/Goddesses of the Vernal Equinox

The oldest and most joyous celebrations/festivals are those that mark
the end of the dead season and the rebirth of life around the time of
the spring equinox. These celebrations/festivals,  often are centered
around a re-occurring theme (an archetype). This archetype is of the
dying, sojourning in the underworld and then being reborn with the
spring – gods/goddesses. And these joyous celebrations/festivals often
have a dark side.

These gods’/goddesses’ deaths/rebirths coincide with the deaths and
rebirths of life in general but specifically are focused on the
deaths/rebirths of vital agricultural foods such as barley, corn and
grapes.The gods/goddesses become the personification of the food

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