It’s more than just skin color, it’s genetics and history. You’ll never get a diverse, multicultural, high-trust low-crime society. Also I don’t want Japanese people to move here, but I also don’t want non-japanese people to move to japan, tourism and “cultural appropriation” is fine but everyone deserves their own culture and country.


They all need to go back, even the legal ones, illegal mexicans vote democrat 80% but legal mexicans vote democrat 70% if you want to go the “it’s fine if they integrate” muh civic nationalism route get ready for texas to go blue and the right to never win another election again.


I’m gay myself so this may seem hypocritical, but one needs to consider what is best for society and those things are decency, public morality, self-respect, and respect for others. If I had a message for other LGBT people it’d be something along the lines of “get back in the closet you filthy diseased sluts” regardless of sexual orientation and/or “identity” there’s some things that just aren’t acceptable in public, especially around children. Speaking of which it’s mentioned in the second pic above but pedophilia is horrifically common among homosexuals and pedophiles need to be violently put to death.


Completely incompatible, they need to go back.


head to v/TraditionalWives for more info

Global Warming:

The climate is changing as it always has, but it’s not really a big problem and the idea that human activity is having some huge impact is a load of shit.


More serious a thing than it sounds, this is where the left and globalists really started losing.

The Left:



the reason this is all happening

if you’re new from reddit or anywhere else brace yourself and strap in, this won’t go down easy. It’s time for what is known as the final redpill; The JQ. The Jewish Question and the question is usually something along the lines of “who is responsible for this!?” and the answer usually ends with -berg, -stein, or -mann along with many others. Let me also say this before we go further, you already probably hate jews. You’re just probably not aware that they’re jews but all the problems and issues I gave redpills about before are the work of jews. Of course you might think “no that’s not true, it’s not the jews it’s (((democrats and the DNC)))JPG, it’s (((the media)))JPG, it’s (((the EU)))JPG, it’s (((immigration)))PNG, it’s (((feminists)))JPG, it’s (((college liberals)))JPG, it’s (((communists!)))JPG“. what you need to understand is we only have one real enemy and it’s always been the jews since time immemorial. It’s also important to understand the NWO, the new world order. Our enemyGIF is organized.JPG

Jews are different from other non-whites, ideally for all the rest arrangements can be made to have them return to their ancestral homes and then we merely need to end foreign aid. But the jews work against us even in israel there is basically no way to end this without exterminating them. As for why they’re different you really ought to read the talmud yourself but let’s hear just a bit from the rats themselves;

We’ve tried just kicking them out of our countriesPNG didn’t work. Also, and this is important, There are no “good jews”PNG to clarify it’s to a degree not literally true that all jews conspire together towards the goal of our destruction, though the bliderberg and rothchilds family and many others do literally do so, but rather that all or at the very least the overwhelming majority of jews, even the ones that don’t practice the religion, have a very strong in-group preference. So your jewish neighbor or co-worker who seems like a normal person who isn’t trying to wipe you and your kind off the face of the earth may in fact be so, but due to genetic and cultural factors he still might make decisions and take actions that contribute to that end, possibly unknowingly. And to clear something up the issue isn’t simply that jews have power and influence and that’s a problem, the thing to take issue with is how they got it (nepotism, manipulation, banking) and what they do with it (white genocide, and the destruction of western civilization). Jews are a Religion and an ethnic group, they can’t simply stop being jewish and say for the sake of arguement that exceptional “good jews” do exist, if we allow them to live what is to stop their children from regressing toward the mean and becoming bad jews? Extermination is the only long term solution to the problems we currently face.

and that brings us to an important point, we need to discuss something you probably thought for a long time was just a joke, trolling, or people being edgy; Hitler was right, and did nothing wrong. for this you’re going to need to watch some videos and take a short quiz, it’s best to do this in the order I give them. Know right now that most of what you’ve heard before is lies.JPG

if you actually looked at and watched everything up to this point I really ought to apologize, because that’s it unless you have a tremendously bad memory or something it’s too late. You might not think so now, it might take you a while to actually believe it or accept it but once you know all this you will notice things. Politics, society, and popular culture will probably never quite be the same for you. If you experience this there will only be two real paths after the red pill;

  • the black pill = Untermensch

get depressed, give up, probably commit suicide.

  • the iron pill = Übermensch

sharpen your mind and body, and learn skills to prepare for the race/civil war.

will you prepare yourself to fight? or will you die like a dog?

to clarify a few things; The socialism in National Socialism has nothing to do with the kind that (((Bernie “Sanders” Glassberg))) or Marx talks about, this is Hitler’s definition of SocialismJPG it’s taken from The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922-August 1939: An English Translation of Representative Passages Arranged Under Subjects and Edited by Norman H. Baynes, Volume 1, Part 1. Oxford University Press, 1942. Here is a good explanation of what fascism actually isPNG And here’s why we insist on using the SwastikaPNG. If you want to know more I’d recommend watching the greatest story never told, as well as Marching to Zion and reading culture of critique by Kevin B. MacDonald, and here’s Mein Kampf. Feel free to take this all with as much salt as you feel necessary and do your own research, the truth fears no investigation.