Researchers who have plumbed the depths of public information surrounding the prospect of John Podesta and the Clintons being potentially involved in child trafficking and abuse appreciate that these suspects are simply the most recent in a long line of scandals, evidence and cover-ups that suggest a long-established network that uses paedophilia and even homicidal paedophilia as a crucial method of control and coercion to maintain and strengthen their grip on various levers of power.

Hold in consideration that the wider network of clients and accomplices of multiple prior scandals have never been bought to trial. Appreciate that, sequentially from the early 1980’s, with the Jimmy Saville, Larry King, Franklin cover-up, Jefferey Epstein, Senator Nancy Schaefer, Laura Silsby, and Denis Hastert cases we have scenarios where one individual (usually the ‘procurer’ of sex abuse victims) is ‘hung out to dry’ and serves some time but the entire network of enablers and clientele has continued ‘on the loose’ to perpetuate the illicit activities. This in and of itself should be cause for considerable public concern even in the total absence of new revelations by Wikileaks that the Podesta brothers and Clinton camps may be involved.

One could well speculate on the correlation between these successive failures of justice / fulsome investigation and the alarming increase in the size and scale of those paedophile ring busts that have been occurring. In the 1980’s, a paedophile ring bust in excess of 10 people would have been a shocking anomaly. In today’s world we had 380 arrests with 400 children taken to safety (Canada 2014), and 430 arrests with 30 taken to safety (California Feb 2017). We might also mention the 80 Norwegian arrests in Nov 2016 with 150 Terabytes of child abuse data. Even in high definition, at an average half-hour 1GB video, we are discussing potentially 150 000 incidences of child rape/abuse, including even torture and homicide.

This is unequivocally a growing, global epidemic of the most unimaginable depravity. To newcomers, it may seem inexplicable that such depravity seems to be ‘over-represented’ in the world’s most powerful people. This is to misunderstand the motivation and utility of collaborative child abuse. If rape is about power, not sex, then organised paedophilia is about ultimate power. Not over the children – that part is despicably easy – but over one’s accomplices. The fear of exposure is a binding contract that enables criminals to overcome lesser fears of wrongdoing in the service of their fellow accomplices – whether to destroy speculation/exposure/adversaries, or to advance their position in power structures. Perhaps the most critical realisation to accept in order to appreciate the magnitude of the human trafficking issue is that those who participate in it are not random, solo aberrations who manage to connect and collaborate, but rather that it is a depraved network that benefits – and thus deliberately and orchestratedly seeks to expand as a network.

There is a certain depraved logic and mechanics of its growth. Paedophilia is not just regarded as the most depraved crime by decent people, it is ALSO THE MOST VIRULENT. If you are the victim of a burglary, for example, it is unlikely that this experience will turn you into a burglar. Similarly if you are assaulted, defrauded, raped or a victim of any other crime. But if you are inappropriately sexualised before your time, if your innocence is revoked by someone with far greater power and no genuine regard for you, it is not uncommon for that experience to make you grow up to be a similar predator.

Old rich boy’s clubs have long used sexual depravity to enforce loyalty to those desirous of holding the levers of power. We also know that modern ‘Secret Service’ programs have reinforced this dynamic by wilfully cultivating paedophile rings in operations designed to ‘compromise’ anyone of power or influence – to either find or create dirt on people. These sting operations used to involve extra marital affairs or homosexuality, but since these activities lost their social scandalousness, the Intelligence agencies opted for the unthinkable next step.

The Media disinclination to show the links and associations between the increasingly frequent and sizeable paedophile ring busts prevents justice, and delayed justice means that more and more 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation victims become paedophiles, whilst their depraved progenitors remain at large to create yet more minions. And with every passing year, the members of this circle-of-perversity seep into every possible position of power -especially such positions concerning the safety of children and the evasion of justice – until the day will come where no man or woman of decent standing will be able to compete successfully for any position of influence without being pitted against the debauched, who are willing to engage in any and every other category of crime to avoid exposure. And those creatures will prevail in vying for those positions even when of lesser talent and experience because the powerful paedophile cult will always select one of their own above a meritorious but uncompromised candidate. It is therefore imperative, not just for the children but for any hope of a Humanist civilization itself that this phenomenon is exposed, understood, destroyed, and that society takes remedial corrective sociological steps to prevent its re-emergence.

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