George Soros knowledge starter pack

George Soros (Hillary’s primary financer) instructing Hillary on what policies to carry out as Secretary of State:

Top contributors for Hillary Clinton page:

Soros admits creating the European migrant crisis:

Soros tells Europe to take in ‘at least a MILLION’ refugees every year:

Soros finances ‘Handbooks’ to spur EU-bound immigration:

Soros urges giving Ukraine $50 billion of aid to foil Russia:

Hacked emails expose George Soros as Ukraine puppet-master:

George Soros funds Ferguson Black Lives Matter protests:

Soros funds paid “protestors” to spur civil unrest:

Soros funds MoveOn and Media Matters:

Soros funds Black Lives Matter:

Globalists Unite: Hillary Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Dines with George Soros’ Son as Donald Trump’s Rise Terrifies World Elite: