We act out because, ironically, we think it will bring us some relief. We equate it with happiness. Often there is some relief, for the moment. When you have an addiction and you fulfill that addiction, there is a moment in which you feel some relief. Then the nightmare gets worse. So it is with aggression. When you get to tell someone off, you might feel pretty good for a while, but somehow the sense of righteous indignation and hatred grows, and it hurts you. It’s as if you pick up hot coals with your bare hands and throw them at your enemy. If the coals happen to hit him, he will be hurt. But in the meantime, you are guaranteed to be burned.

Pema Chodron


Suppose that every memory, written word, and piece of technology on earth was destroyed at once, leaving humanity to start from scratch.  Everything we have come to know about science would eventually be discovered again.  Given a few thousand years, people would figure out chemistry, and rediscover all of the same elements we know about now.  People would once again understand biology, including it’s evolutionary origins.  People would eventually see that motions of other galaxies in the sky, and work out the details of the big bang.

This is the glorious part about science, it can and would all be replicated.  I can assure you, however, that your story about a talking snake would be gone forever.

~Penn Jillette


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We are the first intelligent animals to know that death is inevitable and that will happen to us some day. It’s a scary thought. However, death may actually be the most beautiful thing we have. Right now we believe that we have one consciousness, but we don’t. Our consciousness is incredibly complicated. The brain has multiple neuronal groups, each responsible for a small part of our whole conscious. And each of those neuronal groups are made up of billions of individual neurons. When our consciousness is being expressed, it’s actually expressed through the firing of electric current through groups of neurons, so it’s always different every fraction of the second. We are actually continuously re birthing and dying in our minds, but our brain makes it seem as though it’s one continuous entity. It’s beautiful. We are merely constructs of the mind, and the mind is constructs of biology. Biology is a construct of incredibly complex chemistry down to the molecular level, and each molecule is a construct of the most fundamental physics that govern our universe, all gaining mass through the Higgs field that runs through the entire universe.

If you really think about it, our consciousness is based on physics, therefore it is physics. And since the universe is based on physics, then basically we are the universe. Each of us is just the universe expressing itself in different forms. And we are living during a very brief moment in time where humanity is discovering this truth, and has the scientific evidence to back this fact up (the Buddhists were right all along.)

You, yourself, are the product of billions of years of evolution. You budded off your mother, who budded off hers, who budded off hers… going all the way up to the first life form that existed on this planet. All the people that exist today are part of that line of organisms that never died, all those organisms that evolved through natural selection. Each of us can be traced back to that very first life form. I honestly feel amazed every time I think about this. And honestly, we all should. Evolution is a beautiful thing. And the most amazing thing about it is that it’s our work of art… Because we are the universe. We created ourselves. When we are studying atoms, we’re only atoms studying itself. We should stand in awe at our creation and look ahead at what we can continue to create in this brief moment of time that we have in this form. It’s amazing how we are wired to appreciate ourself, an infinitesimal beauty. It’s a gift that we are giving to ourself to admire.

And the most amazing thing is that we gave ourself the gift of what we perceive as consciousness, so that we can spend time appreciating our own existence.

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Chick-fil-A agrees to end anti-gay donations, mandates equal treatment of gays

Article here: chicagophoenix.com

So hmmm…  What to do.  On one side, this is good to hear.  On the other side, Dan Cathy is a bigoted asshole and should be fired for what he said, and Chick-fil-A should make a public apology to the world, AND every cent they made on the “I am a Bigoted Christian and I hate FAGS day at Chick-fil-A” should be donated to LGBT charities.

On second thought, Fuck Chick-fil-A and Fuck those bigoted asshats that must always try to control others.

Let me tell you a secret.

Depression is a thing. OCD is a thing. Social Anxiety, all that shit. They exist. I’m not saying you don’t have them, but for the vast majority of people I know who say that they’re depressed, I have one response.

You’re not Depressed. You’re FUCKING BORED.

The human brain evolved over millions of years of running through jungles and fighting lions and killing shit. Today we sit here on reddit. Your brain doesn’t have anything to do with itself. There aren’t any lions. There are no more jungles. Our society has degraded itself into mental masturbation. Television, internet, media, movies, music. It’s just fucking playing with yourself.

We are bored, and we don’t know how to handle it. You think you’re depressed? Drop everything right now and go volunteer somewhere. Go feed the homeless, go to the wartorn starving heart of africa and build a fucking orphanege. You think you’re depressed? Go look an AIDS stricken ex-child solider in the eye, and tell him you’re depressed. Your problems? You don’t fucking have problems, man. You have no idea.

I challenge you, I’m calling you out. Go do something to make the world a better place for the people who have it worse than you. It can be something as small as picking up a homeless man and taking him to lunch somewhere. Or you can quit life and volunteer. And if after all that you’re still “depressed” at least you have done something to make the world a better place.

It’s like this. Your problems are fucking stupid. That’s the core of our belief. Your worries about if Becky thinks you’re hot, or how you spend too much time online, it’s fucking stupid. It’s masturbation. Go fucking do something. Go do something beautiful. Then you can understand what it means to not give a fuck.

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Eat your chicken

That’s right.  Enjoy it.  Chow down.  Get seconds and eat some more.  Savor every bite.

But before you swallow, look at it.  Get a real good look at that fried bird on bread.  Take a moment to really take it in.

‘Cuz this is it.  Your church leaders have failed you.  Your politicians ignore you.  The media laughs at your demise and mocks you daily.

Because you made fag sex your focus.  All that insecurity about the life you chose, the company you keep,  the future your ‘children’ will choose.  And it comes to this.

A chicken sandwich.  This is all the power you have left.  A fast food sandwich.  And you’re banking all the power you have left on expressing yourself through an ephemeral media event.

In two weeks no one will remember this, how you stood in line for a sandwich in hopes your little obsession might be noticed.  And then it’s over.

The future is coming for you, for your family.  There is no stopping it.  You cannot resist the inevitable, you cannot depend on your church or your politicians to do anything but to keep selling you out.

All you have is this sandwich.  Same-sex marriage will be a reality any day now, like gays in the military; the legal wheels are already in motion.  Gays in your children’s schools.  Gays on television and gays in the church and government.  Because nobody with any real power actually cares what fags do.  Only you.

(grabbed from a screenshot at 4chan.org)