colonialism is something that “used to” happen

I drove across Sinai from Cairo, which is crumbling. Sheep on the streets, buildings falling down, giant slums, poor education, nice food only for the very rich, streets covered in garbage, majority of the country is poor.

Went to Israel. Saw a city much like any city in Europe. Clean streets. Beautiful big store fronts. Sidewalks. Nice signs telling you where to go. Little stands and shops everywhere. Great food from around the world. Pastries, pizza. It was Europe, basically. I loved it. It was very clean! It was great.

You have to drive some distance out of Jerusalem to get to the wall. It is a nice drive past pastures and rolling hills with bushes and trees on them.

The wall is very tall. It is made of concrete. At the top there are guard posts with glass. There is barbed wire, even though the wall is far too high to get over. There are men with guns.

When you go through it, you are asked many questions about who you are and where you come from. If you have anything Arab about you this questioning is very long it can take several hours. You are brought through many layers of security, the inside of the wall is like a fort. You go back and force through a maze of metal bars, with many security cameras watching you. The bars look like the bars used to hold cattle at a rodeo.

You exit and on the other side is a tall wire fence covered with barbed wire. There is graffiti all over the wall. The buildings are crumbling. Noo nice food, streets made of dirt, everyone is poor.

There are men waiting to be taxi drivers, I went with one. He showed me an ID card with a picture of a baby on it. He told me a story.

“This is my son. You know how I got this card?”

“My son was born with a problem in his arm, and they said that if his arm wasn’t operated on he would lose the arm. We don’t have that kind of hospital here, so I have to go across into Jerusalem to see the doctor. So I go to the Fence.”

“The man at the fence won’t let me through. He says that I can’t bring through any person without a card. He is referring to my son, who is a new born. He didn’t have a card.”

“So I say to him, where do I get the card? He says you must get the card in Jerusalem.”

“I say let me through then I will get the card and leave my son with my wife. He says that won’t work, a person must be present to have fingerprints and a photo and so on in order to get the card.”

“I say how will my son get the card if he cannot travel through the fence to get the card?”

“He told me I was holding up the line, and my son never got the surgery, he lost his arm.”

He passed me the card, he said it was fake, and he didn’t have the courage to try it out, because you could be put in prison for such a thing. He had to choose between making his son grow up without an arm or without a father. The card was so poorly done. It was obviously fake.

We got up to the top of this hill, and he pointed out at these buildings coming over the hills, he said they were settlements, and they took over 3 more hills in the last few months. These were very nice buildings. Developments.

I went back to Israel that night, and I went to a waffle store. They had every kind of waffle. Chocolate waffle, ice cream waffle, Nutella. Anything. Any kind of fruit and so on. The taxis are really nice there they have meters, they don’t clunk when they start. The monuments are lit up at night. There are little plaques at every monument that tell you the history in English and Hebrew and Russian and Italian.

When I took the bus back, I sat next to a young girl who had a phone with rhinestones glued to it in a heart shape, and a beanie baby on a key chain. She had a ponytail, she was texting and wearing an army uniform. She had a grenade launcher in the seat next to her. The bus stopped several times and the Palestinians were made to get off and be searched. Their bags were taken off the bus and dumped out, and the soldiers kicked through their belongings at the side of the road and we sat inside the bus and watched and they passed out snacks.

It was absolutely banal, but the whole thing chilled me, and I realized that this was the country at the center of American foreign policy, and this was the beacon of democracy, and I realized that these were the supposed “good guys,” and I just thought that it wasn’t fucking right, and that Christians should be embarrassed because Jesus wouldn’t have stood for any of this.

Sorry I wrote a novel. It really changed me.

TL:DR; I think every American history teacher should be forced to walk around in Jerusalem, then go through the wall to Bethlehem and walk around in Palestine before teaching students that colonialism is something that “used to” happen.

‘Five reasons why I think the collapse will happen in the next year’


I have been watching global trends for about 10 years now and have been witnessing the slow collapse of our infrastructure, government and economy. If you are aware of what’s happening, it is very easy to walk down any street in America and see how bad things are becoming. I lived for a year in China, a country that is on the rise and you can see such a huge difference in how people carry themselves and their overall attitude. They take pride in their appearance, they put an emphasis on education, and they have hope for a better future. They have their own problems, but I won’t go into them at the moment. The point is, America is in an obvious state of decline.

When I got back to the US it was such a stark difference that it blew me away. The first thing I noticed were how sloppy everyone looked. over half the people I see are obese. Most of the women are wearing pajamas and flip flops. Everyone is eating junk food and soda constantly. You see American flags everywhere and bumper stickers and signs commemorating and glorifying war. War is elevated over everything else. Our festivals and holidays are dedicated to the civil war, WWII, etc. The park by my house is War memorial park. There are veterans everywhere, many of them wounded or have mental issues. We are a culture built around war. War and debt are the only things holding our country together at the moment.

I know things have been collapsing for the last decade or so, but I think this is by design and I think there is a plan at work by the central banks, TPTB, globalists, or whatever you want to call them. They control all western economies with very few exceptions. They have been able to maintain control because the dollar has remained the world reserve currency and they have been attacking every country that even thinks about using another currency (for example: Iraq, Libya, Syria). However, that control is waning and the end of the dollar is coming. There isn’t much they can do about this because it is a mathematical certainty. They are out of options. The dollar should have collapsed in 2008, but they have pulled out every trick in the book to hold it together this long. Also, having the most powerful military in the world has meant no one has called in our debt up to this point.

I could rant about this for hours, but I’m sure most of you know all this already so I will go ahead and get to the point. These are the reasons that I think we are finally approaching the endgame and what I think will come to pass very soon.

  1. China has announced it is no longer beneficial to buy US Treasury Bonds. (November 2013) This is very serious because it means other countries will soon follow and it has signaled the official beginning of the end of the petrodollar.
  2. US stock market is in a huge bubble. This is undeniable at this point. The Federal Reserve has been printing money like crazy. This is the only thing causing the stock market to rise to the incredible heights you see today. This can’t continue forever. This is a bigger bubble than what caused the 1929 market crash.
  3. China is moving to challenge the dollar by backing the Yuan with gold and also purchasing oil from the ME with the Yuan. This has been accelerating over the past year and it shows that the death of the dollar is nearly upon us. Although keeping the Yuan weak against the dollar has aided in keeping exports from China competitive, China has decided that they are ready to take the risk and set their own course.
  4. The US wanted to attack Syria, but didn’t. To me, this shows how increasingly desperate the central bankers and their puppets in the US government have become. Obama didn’t have any support in a war with Syria. He tried to convince us Assad was using chemical weapons as a very transparent excuse to get directly involved in Syria. However, we all know the real reason, which was to protect the collapsing petrodollar and keep all that oil flowing, and more importantly, being purchased in USD. This shows that the US only has one option to avert the blame of a collapsing economy away from the true criminals in the central bank. This is to go to war.
  5. The Federal Reserve is stuck between a rock and a hard place. As long as there is a huge budget deficit, the Fed has to QE to buy bonds otherwise bond prices will plunge which means interest rates will rise. If the Fed continues to QE which literally means printing money, inflation will definitely increase and build momentum. Once momentum reaches a point where confidence in the value of money is lost, it will be difficult to control. The vast amount of money printed had already gone into asset markets which are floating on this liquidity with no real productive money supporting the price. If the Fed continues with the low interest rate and loose money, more and more business models will be built on this. Furthermore, derivative financial products will be built on these businesses just like the mortgage market. When inflation becomes a problem, even stopping the QE will be disastrous. This is like the last phase of a dying star that is expanding rapidly, burning off whatever mass it has and suddenly collapsing into a black hole.

All I can say is good luck to everyone out there because I really think things are about to get very bad. History has shown that the way fiat currencies usually end is with depression and war. This system is going to be destroyed and it is going to take a lot of people down with it. The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves. Get your self into a situation where you aren’t dependent on other people. Learn basic skills. Make friends with your neighbors and the community around you. Don’t give the police or government a reason to come after you. Have an escape plan.

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E. E. Cummings – O Sweet Spontaneous

O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have

        fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched

,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded

        beauty  .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy  knees
squeezing and

buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

to the incomparable
couch of death thy

        thou answerest
them only with


The mindset of a man who cut out and ate the heart of the man he just killed

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The first echoes of the Syrian Civil War in its present form sounded in March of 2011. In February of 2012 it reached a major tipping point, as major cities were locked down and besieged by regime forces.

Now let’s imagine what it’s like to be a resident of Homs. You wake up one day to plaster hitting your face, caught in the midst of a heavy artillery attack. The gun being used against you is most likely aSoviet M-46 firing a 130mm high explosive round. That’s about this big, and there are hundreds of them landing around you every hour at random. This is what that looks like. I’ve seen one hit a ten storey building. They turn half the structure to dust in an instant.

Maybe one of these lands on you, maybe one lands on your neighbour and thousands of shards of metal eviscerate you, maybe you just sit there all day watching the fireworks while you try to keep calm. But let’s say for argument’s sake you survive.

That was day one. You endure a year and two months of that, along with rocket attacks that eat city blocks and air strikes you can’t hear until they’ve struck. Every day your friends and family are bombed from the air, and if they pop their heads out to see the bombs they become bait for the snipers and tanks.

Oh, and there are snipers and tanks. The snipers are on every roof, and their bullets take with them about a pinky’s worth of solid concrete every time they hit the wall next to your head. If you want food, you have to walk down streets lined with corpses that all fell in a common pattern, hoping that the sniper is taking lunch because if not you’re going to join them. The tanks are mobile microwave ovens and the crew are paranoid that theirs will be the next to turn on. If they see movement, even movement that only exists in their own mind, they fire at it. Their 125mm high explosive shells are this big, and one of them will disintegrate much of your home if their barrel swings that way.

Now survive a year and two months of this. Of complete civil failure, with no police and no water and power being cut out every time a rocket or a bomb or a shell or a bullet hits the wrong something. Of unimaginable suffering, with the only men willing to treat your child for their shrapnel wounds under constant threat of targeted rocket attack by regime forces in their makeshift hospitals, with everyone you’ve ever known or interacted with being dead, dying, displaced, or crouched in the remains of their home like animals waiting to be one of the above depending on where the next mortar shell lands. Of knowing that the international community has written you off, that those fighting for you are corrupted by jihadists and left fashioning tanks out of scrap metal and playstation controllers, that if you pick up a gun you’ll be targeted by both armies and that if you don’t you’ll still be targeted by both armies as both see you as a collaborator of their enemy.

And with this in mind, you’re the lucky one. If you had stayed in your home village, yesterday the drug-crazed paramilitary forces of Assad’s psychopathic brother, the Shabiha, walked down the street lighting houses on fire and using machetes against anyone who was stupid enough to try to escape. They’re fueled by religion, politics, race, and their own insanity and when they enter a village no one else leaves it.

You’ve lived this long, seen so much unimaginable horror without a moment’s relief, and now you’re standing over the man who represents the force which took everything you’ve ever loved and gutted it with a smile. You have a knife. That’s how.