Top10 indications of a #FalseFlag event:

  1. Evidence against the accused is usually composed of hearsay claims or dubious documents that originate with military or law enforcement sources.
  2. The hearsay evidence typically includes vague accusations that the suspects were in contact with, had “links” to, or made recent pledges of allegiance to, terrorist leaders.
  3. The documentary evidence includes things like passports conveniently left at the scene or social media postings that imply a commitment to terrorism.
  4. There is an overly obvious attempt to associate the terrorists with Islam.
  5. The suspects are usually dead by the time the first reports come out.
  6. People who knew the accused often say they had absolutely no idea that their friend/neighbor/family member was involved or interested in terrorism in any way.
  7. The testimony of eyewitnesses is ignored as authorities provide contradictory stories that quickly become the official, media-driven accounts.
  8. Eyewitnesses often describe the attackers as armed and outfitted like highly trained, and well-supported, special operations soldiers.
  9. The attacks usually coincide with military or law enforcement exercises that mimic what happens.
  10. The incidents are used to justify rapid military attacks against countries of strategic interest before any investigation is conducted.


Overwhelming irrefutable video and documentary evidence: Sandy Hook another false flag

As I wrote in 2014 (and here), Wolfgang Halbig has the perfect combination of expertise to evaluate what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

▪ law enforcement: Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent.

▪ education: teacher, assistant principal, principal.

▪ current school safety expert: trained key personnel at over 4,000 US school districts, and over 3,500 school safety officers.

His conclusion after almost three years of motivated investigation:

“In my professional opinion, [Sandy Hook was] a scripted event… in planning for maybe two, two and a half years.”

Mr. Halbig’s response is demand for criminal arrests of “leaders” involved in Sandy Hook based on rational embrace of the public evidence. Among ~30 areas of game-changing objective facts:

  • The most-recognized photo of the event, alleged FBI escorting students away from the school, was staged. We know this as absolute fact because there are two photos of the same scene with children rearranged and evidence of “photoshop” errors. In addition, the temperature at the alleged time of the photo (10:30 AM) was ~25 degrees Fahrenheit; no evidence of frost or fogged-breath is present. This means the photo is a lie: it was not of students being evacuated in an emergency at Sandy Hook Elementary School. At least two takes with photoshop evidence means that whatever happened was NOT AN EMERGENCY. This demands arrests for criminal investigation, obviously.
  • Four hours of police dashcam film showing the school’s parking lot outside the school shows zero students being evacuated as claimed by official reports (20 minutes to 25 minutes). The film should have showed ~600 students and adults being evacuated from the school and going past the parked police car to their alleged destination of the firehouse up the access road. The absence of students proves the official report is a lie, which again demands arrests for criminal investigation why our best evidence shows zero students were involved in this event.
  • The Lanza home’s alleged police photographs were staged because the same rooms were photographed in up to four different arrangements of furniture and items (pgs. 117 to 138). These differences are major and obvious, as the photos show. This evidence means that this is NOT a crime scene, but a criminal hoax. It is not possible to have different and obvious versions of what the rooms look like.
  • The Social Security Death Index and FBI show zero deaths of alleged victims (pgs. 161 to 167). This means that these alleged people either did not have Social Security numbers or did not exist; the FBI report confirms that they did not exist. This also demands criminal investigation.
  • The one and only released death certificate of an alleged victim, Noah Pozner, is a crude forgery (pgs. 181 to 183). This is yet another crime, of course.
  • All of the 20 alleged victims’ families moved to Newtown between 2007 and 2011, and almost all from 2009 to 2011 (pgs. 239 to 244), with 14 receiving their ~$500,000 homes for a recorded sales price of $0. (ten on Christmas Day, 2009), according to official government records. This means someone paid a likely illegally-large gift to these families, which given all other evidence demands criminal investigation.
  • A manual for Sandy Hook being a FEMA exercise was delivered to researchers (pgs. 219 to 238). This should be investigated whether it’s authentic, of course, by sworn depositions.
  • The fire station up the road as the alleged destination of children shows damning evidence of staging and being a drill. The 26 Christmas trees placed there the day after the alleged shooting are all present in film behind the firehouse on the day of the alleged shooting. This means criminal foreknowledge if the killings were real, or a hoax.

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Evidence Builds Linking Israel, Turkey To ISIS

You might have seen accusations in the press this week that the Islamic State is selling oil to Russia. Apparently, Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan claims that Putin is one of the key buyers in Syria’s dirty illegal oil trade. But don’t fall for it: the story now being peddled to us by the Western press is a panicked response to a major Russian exposé that first came to light last week. Actually, it’s our friend Turkey who has been caught buying oil from the terrorist organization…and that’s not all. Recent revelations point to evidence that:

Erdogan’s son is dealing in illegal arms and oil with the Islamic State.
Russian satellite images show three main oil smuggling routes to and from Turkey.
Turkey shot down the Russian jet because it is defeating I.S and therefore interfering with Erdogan’s lucrative trade.
Somehow, despite the scale of the operation, The USA seems to have missed all of this.
There are also new claims about an Iraqi security team who have evidence of a top Israeli military officer fraternizing with members of the I.S.
A journalist has uncovered evidence the USA is complicit in a Turkish terror campaign against a Kurdish village last March. He claims the Turkish army waged this war on civilians alongside Islamic jihadists.

You may remember Putin accusing the USA of creating and arming the Islamic State. In that interview, which we covered here, the Russian President claimed the White House knows exactly which of its allies are buying the oil that allows I.S to keep on growing.

We’ve had to wait a while to find out who he was referring to, and this is big news. But these revelations are at risk of being lost in a quagmire of lies, as Erdogan, backed by Western intelligence agencies and their media lapdogs, has inverted the truth to distract and confuse the public.

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Loose ends in the San Bernardino shooting

Why do people say the story of the California shooting doesn’t add up?

Eyewitness Sally Abdelmageed told CNN: “[it was] three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles… I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat and long sleeve shirt… black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo… I just saw three dressed exactly the same…. their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall.”

Yet four hours later, the police shot: two Pakistanis, one a 90 pound woman with a young baby, California residents in a rented black SUV with Utah plates, the military style assault rifles purchased by an unknown person. Farook attended the same holiday party last year. Since then, his coworkers threw a baby shower for him that included a registry.

His brother, who lived nearby, was in the Navy and earned two medals for his service in “The Global War on Terrorism.” His brother said the couple wasn’t radical.

At the party this time, Farook was sitting at a table chatting with a co-worker before “disappearing” — with his coat still on his chair. They now say there was no argument.

When shot in the mysterious SUV, his tiny wife was wearing fitted shorts above her knees and no head covering. Family says she was always fully covered when she went out.

They are portrayed as Bonnie and Clyde with a young baby. They had a fully stocked fridge with cooked food in Tupperware and pictures of their baby all over the house. Arranged flowers on tables and freshly watered house plants. Baby was left with her grandmother for Tashfeen to make a doctor appointment. They had both been sick, assuming it was a stomach flu, but she needed a doctor.

That’s why, at this point, it doesn’t make sense. A young mom left her baby to go kill the same people who hosted her baby shower. She allegedly made a FB post pledging allegiance to ISIS on an alias page, then removed it — at 11 am. The shooting started at 11 am.

CNN states, “Malik made the post on an account with a different name, one U.S. official said. The officials did not explain how they knew Malik was behind the message.”

Who were the victims? They weren’t all white Christians or Jews like one would imagine terrorists would target. Just like the Paris attacks, they were very diverse. The NY Times writes, “He [shared] a cubicle with a friend, Isaac Amianos, a 60-year-old father of three from Eritrea… the two of them spoke Arabic together (Farook learning from Amianos)… The health inspectors came from all over the world… Nwadike was from Nigeria. Others hailed from Vietnam, Iran, Mexico and Colombia… Bullets struck Amianos, Thalasinos and others at Farook’s table. (People he was just speaking with.) A Muslim woman he prayed with was killed.” Another Muslim was shot multiple times.

Why would a traditional Pakistani Muslim American target these people, his friends, teachers, elders, fellow Muslims? In California of all places, with all of its other potential targets?

About the “argument” with a co-worker: “Two weeks earlier, [Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who made anti-Islam FB posts] and Farook argued over whether Islam was a violent religion. Recounting the conversation to a friend, Thalasinos said that Farook insisted his God was peaceful… Thalasinos liked discussing such topics. There was no indication that their interaction was anything out of the ordinary.”

The shooters left before police arrived. Police and media then said they were searching for 3 white males. Then police shot these two, who fit no stated description, around 3 pm, after receiving a tip. The story changed from 3 male shooters to a married couple.

In the car chase, officers fired 380 rounds, and the suspects shot 76 rifle rounds, many from the back of the SUV. By the end, 2 officers had minor injuries, apparently not worth mentioning.

The ammo, pipe bombs, etc., were found in their townhouse’s garage. The garage was in a building separate from their home. A few minor items in the house. And a manhole in their closet ceiling.

And no one who knew them, including their many siblings and mother who lived with them and Navy brother who lived close by, saw anything strange. Neighbor said they were happy. Smiled at her. Farook would leave the garage door open as he worked on his car. Last saw them hanging out on their patio on Sunday with their daughter, enjoying their family.

Journalists entered their house, within 48 hrs, to rummage through their belongings. An unprecedented event. Any more evidence for or against this deceased couple, now unusable.

Truth for San Bernardino

  1. Where is the CCTV footage from the Inland Regional Center? As a facility for those with developmental disabilities, a facility that required card entry, there must be multiple cameras covering every entrance and throughout the common areas. Why has nothing from that been released to the public or at least to the representatives of the Farook family?
  2. Why are multiple witnesses saying they saw 3 male shooters, all tall, athletic-build, with fair complexion? Why is that account not being reported on by the news as being investigated? If those accounts are being dismissed because the FBI has already concluded that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik are the perpetrators, isn’t that circular reasoning? Is there no evidence of anyone else’s involvement in planning or carrying out this crime other than this couple’s? If not, is there any evidence being sought? If not, why not?
  3. How is a 90 lb woman who recently gave birth and had no military training able to conduct what the surviving victims and eyewitnesses described as a highly tactical, sophisticated assault operation using heavy, military-grade arms?
  4. Why do Farook’s coworkers say they saw no aggression or animosity from him in the 5 years working with him? How is that consistent with the psychological profile of a sociopath who could slaughter his co-workers in cold blood? Isn’t this highly unusual from a psychoanalytical perspective? If so, why aren’t any of the psychologists being interviewed on TV saying as much?
  5. How did the police suspect Farook after the shooting? If a survivor or eyewitness was able to ID Farook through the mask that the shooters were wearing, where is the filed statement from said witness? What other statements did other survivors and eyewitnesses make? Why haven’t we heard from the many attendees at the holiday party who were not shot or killed?
  6. After completing the shooting spree, why did the suspects go back to their residence only a couple of miles away? Did they not have an escape plan? Were they trying to retrieve something? Did they drop off an accomplice? Were they planning to lay low at their apartment and hope no one would notice their absence in the aftermath? How did no one at the apartment complex see them load all those weapons into their SUV earlier that morning?
  7. Where did they rent the SUV from? Has the rental car attendee been questioned? What statement did he/she make?
  8. If there was a high speed chase of the Farook’s rented SUV, where is the helicopter footage of that? News choppers were already in the sky at that time, but none of them produced footage of the actual chase and the shoot out. Only footage of the aftermath.
  9. In one of the cell phone videos with footage of the chase we hear multiple gun shots. Is it standard procedure for police to engage in a gun battle with suspects during a high speed chase, especially when the police chase is happening in a residential neighborhood? How was the SUV finally stopped? Is it standard procedure to fire hundreds of rounds into a suspect’s vehicle after the vehicle has been stopped, again, in a residential area? Why would the suspects not surrender and instead engage in a gunfight with police if they were surrounded by police wielding all the heavy ammunition that ultimately decimated the SUV? If they had a death wish, why would they try to escape in the first place, as opposed to take hostages, make demands, or just shoot themselves?
  10. Why did the attorney for the Farook family, David Chesley, mention that the suspects were handcuffed, face-down in the bed of a truck? Did he misspeak? If not, what was he referring to?
  11. If this was a premeditated attack, why didn’t the Farooks leave behind a manifesto or any other indication of their purpose?
  12. Why wasn’t the suspects’ residence heavily guarded afterwards? Why did the FBI allow media open access to their apartment? Is this standard procedure?
  13. Where did the suspects buy their weapons and ammunition? Neighbors reported seeing packages being delivered to the Farook residence. Has the FBI checked with delivery services to see who sent these packages?
  14. Early media statements mentioned that the FBI had been tracking individuals that Farook was in contact with. Are those individuals more or less dangerous than the suspects? Why are those individuals being tracked and what light does that shed on the alleged shooter’s motives? I will edit this list with more questions as needed and any answers that come to light in the ongoing investigation. ‪#‎TruthforSanBernardino‬

Twitter threats to black Kean students made by unstable racist black alum

A recent Kean graduate has been charged with being responsible for a series of tweets threatening black students at the school two weeks ago, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace H. Park announced Tuesday.

Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, of Union – a black alum who graduated in May – was charged by summons with third-degree creating a false public alarm.

Park said an investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office’s Special Prosecutions Unit and Kean University police found that McKelvey, a self-proclaimed activist, participated in a student rally to raise awareness of racism on college campuses on Nov. 17, but left midway through and walked to a computer station in a university library.

Once there, McKelvey allegedly created an anonymous Twitter account –  @keanuagainstblk – and began posting threats of violence against black Kean students.

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15 hard facts about 9/11

1) The collapse of WTC 7 in under 7 seconds. NIST admits 2.25 seconds of FREE FALL acceleration. NIST refuses to release the data used in their collapse simulation claiming it might “jeopardize public safety”. Steel framed high-rise buildings have NEVER totally collapsed from fire or structural damage. Building 7 was not hit by a plane. Building 7’s collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. Google ‘Building 7’, ‘WTC 7’. SOURCED:

2) BBC correspondent Jane Standley and Phil Hayton reported the collapse of WTC 7 (Saloman Brothers Building) 20 minutes before it happened. BBC claims to have lost their original footage on 9/11 “(for reasons of cock-up, not conspiracy)”. CNN/FOX/MSNBC also had early reports of the collapse of building 7. “either collapsed or is collapsing”. “That is the building that is going to go down next.” Ashleigh Banfield. Research ‘BBC wtc 7’. SOURCED:

3) 2300+ Engineers and Architects support a new independent 9/11 investigation. Richard Gage (Founder of AE911). Watch these great documentaries ‘Explosive Evidence’, ‘Blueprint for Truth’, ‘Toronto Hearings’. Research and 200+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials question the official story. Research Robert Bowman, Sibel Edmonds, Paul Craig Roberts, Mark Dayton, Cynthia McKinney. Google ‘9/11 Whistle blowers’ and ‘Patriots for 9/11’. SOURCED:

4) Hundreds of firefighters and witness testimony to MOLTEN METAL was ignored by the 9/11 Commission. NIST’s John Gross denies the existence of Molten Metal. FEMA found “Evidence of a severe high temperature corrosion attack” on the “Swiss Cheese” WTC 7 steel sample, ‘Limited Metallurgical Examination (FEMA C-13, Appendix C-6)’. Leslie Robertson claimed “As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running”. “Like you’re in a foundry” FDNY witnesses. Nano Thermite was found in WTC dust at Ground Zero. Peer reviewed in the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal (Steven Jones, Niels Harrit et al.). Research ‘Iron rich spheres’, ‘Red gray chips’. Jon Cole “The great thermate debate”. ‘Nano Tubes’. Research ‘Molten Steel’ and ‘Nano Thermite’. SOURCED:

5) Hundreds of Firefighters and witness testimony to BOMBS/EXPLOSIONS ignored by the 9/11 Commission Report. 9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses and 118 Firefighter witnesses to explosions. From video footage it’s clear to see ‘squibs’ and waves of explosions ripping down the side of the Towers. Many Firefighters witnessed “Explosions in the lobby and sub levels”, ‘Oral Histories’. NIST failed to follow NFPA 921 guidelines for fire and explosion investigations. Research Barry Jennings, William Rodriguez, Erik Lawyer, David Chandler, Graeme MacQueen, Kevin Ryan ‘Demolition Access’. SOURCED:

6) Dick Cheney was in command of NORAD on 9/11. Cheney recalls taking charge from the PEOC bunker (CNN). Norman Mineta testified “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?”. Cheney admits that he “Gave the order to shoot down Flight 93”. NORAD failed to intercept any of the four flights in nearly an hour and a half. Several ‘War Game’ exercises were taking place as 9/11 was unfolding. Research ‘NORAD Drills’, Webster Tarpley, Norman Mineta, Mark Dayton “NORAD lied”. SOURCED:

7) The FBI confiscated 84/85 videos from in and around the Pentagon as noted in the ‘Declaration of Jacqueline Maguire’. Pentagon security CCTV does not clearly show a 757. The Double Tree and Citgo videos do not show a plane and the Sheraton Hotel video was never released to the public. Released after the ‘Moussaoui trial’ in 2006 ‘Judicial Watch FOIA request’. ‘5 Still Frames’ (2002). SOURCED:

8) Osama Bin Laden was NOT wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”. CIA created, trained and funded “Al Qaeda” during the Mujahideen (1980’s). Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset named ‘Tim Osman’. Fox News reported Osama dead in Dec 2001. At least 7 of the 19 listed hijackers were reported alive by the BBC. FBI has never updated their original list. No video footage of 19 hijackers or passengers boarding the 4 flights. Pilots of the 4 planes never squawked the hijacking code ‘7500’. Research ‘FBI Bin Laden’, ‘Alive hijackers’, ‘Al-CIA-Da’. SOURCED:

9) ‘5 Dancing Israeli’s were arrested with ‘Mossad Truck Bombs’ on 9/11’. Arresting Officer was Scott DeCarlo. ‘Kurzberg, Shmuel, Ellner, Marmari’. They were held in FBI custody for 71 days before being deported back to Israel. They claimed to be in New York to “document the event.” ‘Urban Moving Systems’ was a Mossad front company operated by Dominic Suter. UMS was given a “$498,750 Federal grant” in June of 2001. ‘George Washington Bridge’ and ‘King Street/5th’ bomb threat. Research ‘Mossad Truck Bombs’ and ‘Israeli Spying’. SOURCED:

10) Six out of the Ten 9/11 Commissioners have publicly stated that the report was “Setup to fail” – Co Chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean. “The white house has played cover up” – Max Cleland, resigned calling it a “National scandal’ and “Whitewash”. John Farmer wrote the book ‘The Ground Truth’ where he wrote “the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11”. “We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting” – Timothy Roemer. Tom Daschle “Was asked to not investigate 9/11″. Bush hesitated for 441 Days before starting the 911 Commission after pressure from the victims’ family members, ‘Jersey Girls’. The 911 commission was only given $15 million to investigate 9/11. Initially only $3 million was given. Director Philip Zelikow wrote the outline before the commission began. The PATRIOT ACT was written before 9/11 and signed into law on October 26th, 2001. Just 45 days after 9/11. SOURCED:

11) In September, 2000. The Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a neo-conservative think-tank released their report, entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” In it, they declared that “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a NEW PEARL HARBOR.” Dick Cheney states that 9/11 achieved the goals of PNAC and was his “highest moment in office”. Listen to Paul Wolfowitz’s “chilling speech” about Pearl Harbor in June 2001. SOURCED:

12) On September 10th, 2001, Rumsfeld reported $2.3 TRILLION missing and unaccounted for at the Pentagon. Renovations were recently done to the Pentagon in the exact spot where “Flight 77” impacted. The area targeted was the Office of Naval Intelligence Accounting department auditing the unaccounted $2.3 Trillion. Dov Zakheim was Pentagon Comptroller and was CEO of System Planning Corporation (SPC) from 1987-2001, which specialized in ‘Flight Termination Systems’. Never identified firms made millions by placing ‘Put Options’ on United and American Airlines. Research “Missing $2.3 Trillion”, “Dov Zakheim”, SOURCED:

13) Marvin Bush, director of Stratesec in 2000 (Securacom, ‘KuAm’) was in charge of security at the WTC, United Airlines and Dulles International Airport. All three were breached on 9/11. ICTS also provided security at 9/11 airports. Research Marvin Bush, Barry McDaniel, Wirt Walker, Ezra Harel (ICTS). “Who killed John O’Neill?”. O’Neill was Former FBI task force agent investigating Al Qaeda/Bin Laden. Was transferred by Kroll Corporation to head WTC security just before 9/11. John O’Neil died in the Towers. Jerome Hauer was Managing Director with Kroll Inc. and former director of OEM. Research ‘Kroll’, ‘ICTS’, ‘Securacom’. SOURCED:

14) “Flight 93” debris was spread out over miles. Media reported multiple crash sites. Chris Konicki described the crash site as “nothing that you could distinguish that a plane had crashed there”. Coroner Wallace Miller claimed there were “no bodies” and “Not a drop of blood”. Mayor Ernie Stull said “there was no plane”. Rumsfeld claimed they “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania”. FBI claimed to have recovered “95 percent” of “Flight 93”. NTSB was called off the investigation. Research the Shanksville crash site. SOURCED:

15) Towers were built to withstand a Boeing jet(s). Leslie Robertson, WTC structural Engineer, claimed he “designed it for a 707 to hit it”. Frank De Martini, deceased Manager of WTC Construction stated the towers “could probably sustain multiple impacts of jetliners” and that a plane would be “like a pencil puncturing your screen netting”. Charlie Thornton, Structural Engineer said “As far as a plane knocking a building over, that would not happen.” George Bush claims he watched the first plane crash into the north tower on TV before entering the classroom, “the TV was obviously on”. Bush was informed about the second impact while reading ‘The Pet Goat’. SOURCED: