Compilation of confirmed conspiracy theories


You’ll notice many are prefaced by the word, ‘Project’, typically by the CIA or other international intelligence agency. This may give you the idea that these are just ‘typical operations’ of our government. After all, “the world is always at war and you need spies”. Or do you? Especially in a technocratic world where everyone can talk to everyone, around the world. I challange that assumption.

May I remind you that the definition of conspiracy is two or more operating in secret to cause harm. So when the CIA assassinates world leaders in secret, it does harm to them but not to US citizens because they are operating on our behalf. In this way, we justify their bad behavior. I want you to reevaluate the “causes harm” part behind their behavior. By deposing dictators and playing chess with the planet, have they really made us safer?

Legend -or- The Usual Suspects:

  • [U]: CIA and/or UK’s SIS/MI6
  • [I]: Israel’s Mossad ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)
  • [G]: Freemasons; Power Elite, Secret Societies
  • [S]: Soviets, Russia, KGB, Communism
  • [A]: Arabic country, Islamic extremists
  • [J]: Jesuits, Catholics, Vatican City
  • [M]: Mafia, Mobsters, gun / gold / drug / human trafficking, crime syndicates
  • [F]: Financial crime by Industrialists, Bankers; or Fascists depending on context
  • [O]: Other, Companies/Business plots
  • [P]: Politicians; Preachers; Police; Pedophile-networks; or all the above, depending on context (ex:Dennis Hastert).
  • [G,U,I,J,M,F,O,P] — Indicates Cryptofascist Globalist Conspirators

The Conspiracies

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Christians Are Offended Again


I was listening to my local NPR station the other day and came across an interesting story. Artists created a mural in Philadelphia and surprise, surprise, Christians were offended and destroyed the mural because that’s what people do when they are offended.

The mural says, “This goddam phenomenal world” and is apparently a quote from a J.D. Salinger book. But since the mural was mere blocks away from churches, religious believers got offended by the word “goddam.” For the record, every place is mere blocks away from churches in America. Churches are like weeds. There is pretty much a church on every other street corner.

Within hours of the mural’s completion, someone (almost certainly a Christian someone) painted over the offending word. Could you imagine if someone went around and painted over some religious art or vandalized a religious billboard or sign? Fox News would be talking about evil atheists and the war on Christians in America. But when Christians do it, no one even bats on eye. Even the NPR news story attempts to justify the vandalism and only used this story as part of a larger story not even about vandalism.

They pointed out that the woman who was responsible for creating the mural didn’t go around and ask the churches for permission first. Because every time religious people put up religious murals, signs, and billboards, they always ask atheist leaders for our permission, right? Keep in mind that the mural was legal. They didn’t just paint over some random wall without the owner’s permission or without a government permit. No, the problem was that a small handful of religious people were offended.

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About My Exorcism…


I was around twelve years old and for lack of a better term, I was a violent little shit. Years of anger and frustration culminated in explosive rage pretty much anytime someone set me off. I set fires, beat up other kids and was generally a bad kid. In pretty much any other family this would have resulted in my parents drinking more and maybe a short bid in juvenile hall. Unluckily for me, my parents are pentecostal. Instead of being sent off or getting the beating of my life, I was dragged to church.

It was Sunday night. At my mom’s church, Sunday night services were reserved for faith healings and the occasional exorcism. As the pastor stood tall over the crowd shouting about God at the top of his lungs, it became apparent that I hadn’t been dragged along for a faith healing. I had seen it happen once or twice but I had never been subject to such a thing. Pentecostal exorcisms can get violent. You have big men holding you down and a preacher shouting about the name of Jesus at the top of his lungs.

Around the time that Pastor Chuck started in about spiritual warfare and Satan’s hold on youth it became clear that I wasn’t safe in that room. I slipped past my parents and towards the back of the auditorium when I heard Pastor Chuck shout, “Just where do you think you’re going Devil!?!”

I froze dead in my tracks and turned around to see the entire congregation staring at me. Fight or flight kicked in and I had no intention of fighting a room of around a hundred adults. I broke into a dead sprint for the door only to find it locked. As I beat against the hard wooden door I could feel the tears coming from my eyes as I felt this massive hand grab me by the arm.

First one hand, and then two. Brother Jim and Brother Dave were built like linebackers and they had grabbed me up by the arms. As I fought and kicked they dragged me to the front of the church where Pastor Chuck stood with a bible in one hand and a prayer cloth in the other. Jim and Dave pinned my shoulders to the floor and two more men pinned my legs. As I lay there prone and unable to move Pastor Chuck pour oil onto my forehead. Some of it got into my eyes and it burned like mace. I struggled and tried to kick loose and Pastor Chuck shouted to the congregate,* “This demon doesn’t seem to like God’s anointed oil!”* I screamed gibberish as I tried to compose words through the pain.

Pastor Chuck spoke up again, “Listen to the demon struggling under the power of our Lord!”

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