‘Right now, it is raining methane on Titan.  The planet Uranus, apparently trying to live up to it’s name, is orbiting the sun sideways, while Venus spins backwards.  There are stars exploding, black holes gorging, galaxies colliding.

And here we sit, on a planet pock-marked by collisions, rocked by earthquakes, shaken by storms.  A planet doomed to be fried by radiation as it’s magnetic fields collapse, until finally the sun grows into a red giant and leaves nothing of the Earth but dust.

Here we sit, glasses on our noses, inhalers in our pockets, braces on our teeth, waiting to die as our heart muscle expires, our cells decide to grow forever, or a blood vessel just pops, and sometimes in unnatural ways, too.

Here we sit, and some of us say, behold, look at the order of it all.’

~Raj Bains

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  1. There was a time when all peoples had gods and for a lot of people their Gods were also their Kings. Most people have given up their gods but our God is still with us. 2000 years ago he sent himself, as a human, to speak to us and tell us how to become one with him. The result of his sacrifice is that we say, “I believe” and put very little effort into living the lives he told us we need to live to become one with Him. Instead we just talk about God in stories of how he tried to tell us to love our neighbor as our selves.
    Why is it so difficult to love each other as part of loving God? Why is it so much easier just to say I believe? I guess it is too hard to give up, sex drugs and rock n’ roll or working on building up your ego. What God has been trying to tell us is to control our lives and not let our desires control us. We need to make it important to live the lives that God has been telling us how to live, here on earth, not later in heaven. Love thy neighbor as yourself.
    It is so hard because we would have to control our desire for sex, drugs and rock n’ roll and building our ego. We would have to take charge of our lives and control all those wonderful shots of dopamine to our brain that were so necessary for us to survive this long as a species. We have come to a time when we need to start to control them. Just because we can’t do it all at once, we don’t even try. The secret is that all we have to do is try a little to show our neighbor that we love him and he will begin to love us back. It may take a while but if you don’t give up people will respond to you with love. The more you keep doing it the more people will respond to you with love, even the nastiest store clerk will eventually respond to you with love if you if you do not react badly towards them and show them love.
    We really don’t have much time left to do this. Our way of life is seriously damaging this planet and is not sustainable.. We are affecting the temperature of the atmosphere, flooding the oceans with garbage and at constant battle with each other. We need to stop and listen to the spiritual leaders who tried to tell us how live to in this world. Lao Tzu, Buddha and Christ all told us to love thy neighbor. There are many ways to learn to live your life that way, unfortunately religion is not often one of them. You have to live your live that way; you can’t just believe it, you have to do it.
    The greatest disrespect that we can show to God is to continue to study God rather than live our lives as he has shown us how to live them.
    Religion has a wonderful hierarchy and leaders get lots of good feelings leading people, but very, very few of them are spiritual leaders. Religion is not a spiritual path, read about it in the paper; religious leaders sending youth out to blow themselves up, others are promoting war to hasten Armageddon. Read about it in the history books; the Crusades the Inquisition. Nothing has changed since we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden; our religions have kept us at war with each other.

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