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Why Everything is Fucked.  And why you don’t care anymore.

The world is clearly being driven toward war. Whether the impulse is primarily from the warmongers engineering our culture toward acceptance of war, or whether from the culture itself actually internalizing these values and begging for war itself, or a mixture of the two, the war they are trying to engineer is coming to a head. We all feel it on the horizon. Now there is little question of “Can this be stopped?” and more of “How much can we mitigate the damage?”

Our culture is being systematically destroyed. Cultural values of compassion, empathy, and good will have been wrecked by the media. The repetition through the media to destroy these values gets absorbed in to the culture at large.

And I’m not just talking American culture, although it’s a prominent example. People all throughout Europe are experiencing a similar situation. People in Russia. People in the Middle East. Systematic destruction of cultural values outside greed, outside authoritarianism. Anything that challenges the dominant military-industrial complex and banking systems are minimized or ridiculed. Anything that would bring us together is being broken up. Religion used to be a source of unity within a culture, now it is a source of divisiveness. Systems to balance out wrongs of the past become sources of new grievances. Victim status is exploited as a gain, creating a culture of victimhood. Things you took very seriously, you now find to be a joke. After all, if the leadership and authority doesn’t take it seriously, why should you? The signals travel from the top down.

The less you care, the less I care. Why should I be the one left caring the most?

Everybody sees themselves an island. An ideological, emotional, physical island. This is the end result of divide and conquer. Everything is divided so finely you don’t even agree with yourself. We are confused. We are frustrated. We are angry. We don’t understand.

The economy is not doing well. If everyone had a cushy job, we probably wouldn’t need to post on here. We probably wouldn’t spend so much time searching for answers. The lack of opportunities to make money causes frustration, especially in light of the expectations that were over-sold to our generations. We were horribly misled, to a future that could only fall short.

Some of this is intentional, by the powers that be. Some of this is us just shooting ourselves in the foot without realizing it through human foolishness. The 70s-90s were so good and easy, that people forgot the hard-won lessons of the past. The lessons the greatest generation learned from WW1 and WW2. The lessons of the true lasting benefits of empathy and compassion, as compared to the fleeting sensual pleasures of greed and consumerism. These are wise lessons, and our childish culture could not care less for them.

So day after day, rational thinking people are beaten over the mental brow by this abusive media that masquerades as our culture. How far can it drag us from where we were before? How much has the mild insanity caused by our economic hardship pushed us right in to their waiting arms? In to the ideologies they designed as traps to convince us to accept our growing abuse. Do you think there were slaves that had ideologies that made being a slave not seem so bad? Do you think billions of people could hold a similar ideology?

These thoughts are not new. Countless people have them in moments of destitution. We are being broken, so that we give up. They are not breaking us with whips and chains, but with abusive culture and false consensus. They are making us look like we are saying things we are not. We are all being gaslighted by an entire culture.

And you know what? No one really cares. Can’t blame em either. The shit is overwhelming. Overwhelming by design, in fact. That makes for solid confusion, which is just the thing to immobilize everyone.

I would say something here like “The moment you stop caring is the moment they win.” but in reality we are so far beyond that it’s not even funny. We are 10000 years entrenched into a long cycle of abuse, passed down from generation to generation. You caring or not caring will only make a small dent in the overall trajectory of this 7 billion person system. It’s up to you to try or not. And I mean that. If you don’t want to try, then don’t. It’s pretty fucked anyway. I won’t judge you if you want to just live your life as happily as you can, even if that means embracing a bit of ignorance. But what I’ve learned is that we’re all in ignorance, and I’m not excluding myself. We just create stories and narratives, and pretend the world is actually like that. But really we’re just old children, playing a centuries-long game of telephone. We have intelligence slightly above dogs and cats. We’re like German Shepards that can talk and use facebook.

The sooner humanity stops putting on a front, the sooner we can get on with something that resembles reality, and the more sustainable (and less stressful) our world culture and society will become. But I don’t see this happening anytime soon because greedy humans love to take the short cut, because they don’t realize the long-term consequences. Until world human culture wises up to this sort of thing, we will continue to be stuck in a rut. And this is not an easy thing to realize, because people don’t want to realize it until they absolutely have to. Convincing people they’ve been fooled is like making a dog swallow the heart pill medicine. You can even wrap the pill in bacon, just like you can wrap the truth in humor, but it doesn’t mean the dog will eat the pill.

I may be biting off more than I can chew by writing this post, but I think there is a war coming, and most everyone is going to tacitly agree to it as a culture because we’re all confused as hell, generally speaking. We are hypnotized by confusion. There will be protests and people against it, but the tools of media will be used to whitewash over those people, and the tools of power will keep any change from being enacted. Then things will finally get so incredibly bad it will cause more and more people to wake up. Like the Vietnam War for example was forced on everyone until it got so bad (in large part because of the draft and exposure on TV) that the public wouldn’t have it anymore and the government felt compelled to respond so we withdrew from Vietnam. This is a minor victory, but only after suffering dire consequences. Humanity seems to be like that. We are motivated to solve problems, but after only it’s become startlingly clear there is a problem that must be fixed.

They’re rattling our cages. Over and over. Trying to wear us out so they can do whatever they want. Are you going to keep talking about the truth, or are you going to be rattled in to silence? Are you going to hang on to what you consider your morality, or will you give it up because they’ve convinced you that no one cares?


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    1. La reforma educativa es clave para nuestro futuro. Nuestros niños no tardarán en ser nuestros líderes – debemos enseñarles la compasión y la responsabilidad fiscal de nuestro mundo a prosperar.

  1. if it was by choice on which month to be born i know no one will ever choose JANUARY; BUT THEY WILL CHOOSE DEC;;; but me i coulds choose January where people have already increased weight in December

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